Formatting text in html format


When designing an HTML document, one should not forgetabout such an important concept as text formatting. Thanks to him, the text will look neat and impressive. Of course, you can always leave the default formatting. But in this case it may turn out that the text will look unpresentable.

text formatting
So, how to properly formattext? First of all, you should select the headings and subtitles, align the text position - in the center, width or right (left) edge, make out the paragraphs. Also do not forget to highlight keywords and phrases in the text. In addition, you can choose its color.

Let's start, perhaps, with the selection of headings andsub-headings. Headers are specified by a pair tag <h>. The tag has a digital value from one to six. For example, <h1>. The size of the header depends on the digital value. The <h1> tag will help create the maximum size header, and the <h6> tag will be the minimum. The header text must be between the tags - <h> Title </ h>.

The paragraph is made using the paired <p> tag. The text should also be between the tags. For example: <p> Paragraph 1 </ p>.

Using the paired <font> tag, you can specify the font color and size. They are defined by special values: font - face parameter, size of letters - size, and text color - color parameter.

After each of these parameters, an equal sign is placed, and the value itself is quoted. At the same time, when setting the face parameter, you should specify the font name. For example: face = "georgia".

The size of the letters is set by numbers from 1 to 7. Here it is worth noting that the largest font size is 7, and the smallest is 1.

text formatting html
The color is indicated by a special code. You can see it in any html color table.

The text formatting assumes also itsalignment. The align attribute aligns the alignment correctly. It is prescribed both in the title tag and in the paragraph tag, depending on what exactly needs to be aligned. The align attribute has these values: left helps to align the text to the left. Center will help center, right - on the right side, and justify on the width.

In this case, these parameters, like the rest of the values, are quoted and put after the equal sign in the align attribute. For example: align = "left".

When formatting text, do not forget to highlight keywords and phrases. To do this, use the pair tags:

- Specifies a boldface;

- help to highlight the text in italics;

- Underline your text.

Selecting words, sentences and paragraphs, you should place the text between these tags.

html text formatting
As you can see, there is not so much to know and be able to do,to perform competent text formatting. The main thing - do not forget to close the tags, take their parameters in quotation marks, and put an equal sign before the parameters. Remember that incorrect display of the text is the result of typos and your inattention.

Making out the written, do not forget to fulfilltext formatting. Html-markup allows you to quickly and accurately complete the work, defining its main parameters. This will help you make the text vivid and readable. Help your readers save time and effort when searching for information in the text. </ em </ p>