The Long Dark: how to open a safe in the game


If you've ever played in The Long Dark, thenyou probably know how valuable supplies can be, whether they are ammunition, provisions or protective equipment. In order that you always had a chance to save, the developers created special safes and hid them all over the playing area.

As for their search, we can give only one piece of advice: look both. But with how to open a safe in The Long Dark, we'll help you figure it out.

As in the long dark open the safe

Step 1

In order to quickly open the safe, do notbe sure to have with you some special tools. If you have a nail or picklock, then try to use them. If neither one nor the other is not in stock, then naked hands will do. So, how to open a safe in The Long Dark? The main thing in this process is to listen carefully, so take care that the volume of the game is appropriate. Attention to the sound is necessary in order to hear a small click in time, which occurred when the safe lock was correctly scrolled. As soon as you hear the long-awaited click, immediately start to rotate the lock in the opposite direction. Remember, the click sound is really hard to catch, so try not to miss it. Otherwise, the lock will not yield, and you can not open the safe.

Step 2

How to open a safe in the long dark

Open the safe in The Long Dark, as we have already writtenabove, you can use the manual scrolling lock. Rotate gently. Wait for the moment when all three clicks sound, and then the safe can be opened. The sides of rotation, depending on the clicks, look something like this:

  • the left side is click 1;
  • right side - click 2;
  • the left side is click 3.

And the exact opposite, if at first you started to rotate the lock to the right side. By the way, it is more convenient to start still counter-clockwise.

If you make a mistake and do not have time to changethe direction of rotation, then all the progress will return to the initial state, and you will have to start anew. After you open the safe in The Long Dark, you can safely take all the contents.