How to create html links


The html format is widely used increating unpretentious sites, blogs. Particularly successfully use it for markup. The reason for its popularity is its ease and versatility. Make layout of the page in this format is very simple. You do not need to be a genius to master this format quickly and successfully.

In most cases, this format is used to design text - set the size of letters, font and its color, select lists and subheadings, and also create a system of hyperlinks.

html links

It's no secret that references are an inalienablepart of any site. That's why it's worth learning how to properly create html links. Links, or as they are called, anchors, are created using a pair tag.

Like most tags, the anchor has its own parameters, with which you can set the html link color, as well as a tooltip, a footnote. Well, let's take a closer look.

So, as we have already said, the reference is given whenhelp the pair tag. In this case, the text between the opening and closing tag becomes clickable. By clicking on the text, you will go to the predefined address.

The URL of the html link is specified using the href parameter, while the address of the page is quoted, and after the parameter href is put an equal sign.

If you forget to put quotes or the equal sign, the link will not work.

color links html

Another useful parameter is target. Using it, you can specify where the link will open - in the current window or in the new one. This parameter is set at the head of the document - using the tag. If you do not specify it, the link will be opened by default - depending on the browser settings.

There are two options that you can specify. The command "_self" opens the link in the current window, and the command "_blank" - in the new one. There should also be teams in quotes and be sure to equate them.

As for the color of the html link, it is registered in the tag with the help of several commands.

The link command prescribes the color of the link itself, alink- the color of the link during the click or the active link, and using the vlink command, you can select the link color after the visit. The colors of links are specified using special codes, which can be found in any color table. The color code is enclosed in quotation marks, before it the "#" sign is always put.

html reference code

Of course, you can do without these tags, thenThe colors of the links will be defined by default (blue and purple). But if the background on the site or the text color matches the one specified by default, then the page will look not very nice and presentable.

When creating links to html, read carefullyinstructions, double-check the correctness of recording tags and addresses. Quite often, links may not work or may not be displayed correctly if they are incorrectly designed. For example, you can forget to put quotes in the address, and here's the link does not lead anywhere. Or, forget to close the anchor, and the page will display not only the text, but the tasks and parameters of the anchor.

Using the html code of the link, you can create andto register beautiful and bright transitions on the site. You can use not only banal phrases and texts for linking, but also pictures, logos, photos. It all depends on your imagination and skills.