Where to take a sign in the game "The Bearded Man". Complete passage of the quest


Alexander Borodach is a funny guard, constantlyfalling into some ridiculous situation. This character of the show "Our Russia" earned the sympathy of many millions of viewers. Mobile game for Android platform will give you another meeting with this young man. Here you have to help Alexander get out of the new curious situation, and for this you need to solve several puzzles. In our short review you will find out where to take the sign in the game "The Bearded Man", as well as about other secrets of the passage.

where to take a sign in the game bearded

Start quest

Before you find out where in the game "Beard" takesign, you have to solve many mysteries and go through almost the whole game. But first things first. The quest will begin with the fact that Alexander will go to the police station. And now our hero needs to break free. To do this, talk to the policeman, then take the floorcloth and wipe it with marks on the floor. Now your character can come out.

In the street you will hear someone calling you. This is Palych - Alexander's partner, who remained behind bars. Your hero needs to figure out how to free a friend from prison, and for this you'll have to find out where to take a sign in the game "The Bearded Man."

Problem Solving

To the right of the police station is a taxi. Go to the car and talk to the driver. Now you need to interact with the puddles near the car. Go back to the driver and take a rag from him. Dip it in a puddle and wipe the machine. Again, go to the taxi driver who will pay you 50 rubles.

where to take a sign in the game the bearded man understand

Now your hero needs to go topolice station and take a bottle of paint from the trash can near the entrance. The answer to the question of where to take the sign in the game "The Bearded Man" is one step closer, but there are still many interesting puzzles ahead of you. You will learn how to solve them from the next block.

We take the magazine

Turn the bin over and use the painton the word "Police". After that, the name of the building will change to "Poljuciya", which is very amusing the grandmother, who sells sunflower seeds. Go to her and buy her goods at half price. Next, go to the saleswoman of watermelons and sprinkle the seeds near her counter. Birds will fly off, and while the woman will drive them away, you can stealthily steal her phone. The saleswoman will notice the loss, and you need to persuade her to write an application to the police.

The woman will move away from the counter, you can takewatermelon and give it to Palych. Under the window, sprinkle the remaining seeds. Pigeons will fly, and the partner will drop a watermelon on them. Take the stunned pigeons and take them to the grandmother. In return, the merchant will give you a magazine.

where to take the prohibition sign in the game bearded

Where to take the prohibition sign in the game "Bearded"

After you get the magazine, you needgo back to the site and talk to your partner. Then go out into the street and go to the camera window. Pass the stolen mobile phone to Palych. Go back to the station and talk to the watermelon saleswoman. Persuade a woman to call her number. After that, the dealer will make the call, the partner will pick up the phone, and Palych will be accused of theft.

You leave the site and go to the taxi driver. He can take a rope and skis, but in return you will have to give the magazine. This is a very profitable exchange, because the items you need are useful. Connect with a rope the machine and the grille of the camera. Go to the department and get the ski off the police cap from the cabinet.

To release a comrade, your hero needsto force the taxi driver to move. And for this you have to convince him that he is in the wrong place. And so that the "scam" is a success, it is necessary to obtain a prohibiting sign. You will not be able to find this object, so you'll have to improvise. Where to take a sign in the game "The Bearded Man: Understand and Forgive?" The answer is one - do it yourself. To do this, stick a ski stick behind the car. Next, put a cap on it and draw two intersecting lines with paint. Get a prohibitory sign, and it should show the driver. The machine will move from its place and tear out the grille of the camera. Congratulations, you helped to escape your partner and completely completed the game "Bearded".