Do not work buttons on the laptop: what to do?


The modern way of life requires incrediblemobility and responsiveness. Today our irreplaceable assistant is a laptop. An Internet connection in tandem with an electronic device allows a person to feel almost omnipotent. However, here there is another side of the coin - a person becomes dependent on electronic technology. And this is an obvious fact!

The technique is in the hands of a savage ...

If the most critical moment was out of orderlaptop, some buttons do not work or the battery is exhausted, then such a turn of events can lead to the development of a completely irascible scenario. Especially if you take into account the moment of an online transaction or a bank transfer transaction.

Laptop does not work some buttons

Careless movement of the hand - and you with horrorwatch how coffee from the cup spilled on the keyboard of your favorite laptop. Subsequent actions of the resuscitative nature will not lead to anything significant. All-pervasive liquid will still prove its destructive power. After a while, you make sure that the unit is turned on, that the buttons on the laptop do not work. Perhaps after that you will not want coffee for long ...

In two of the above cases, the laptop, of course,not guilty. The fault is our human arrogance, some fussiness and, of course, extreme inattention. Of course, technology is designed primarily to help people and facilitate certain processes. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to help you correctly respond to unexpected manifestations of "user fate." After all, one who has knowledge is armed!

What to do and where to run?
Keyboard buttons do not work

According to the laws of physics, the liquid that turned out to beinside the working electronic device, is able to disable completely the entire laptop or separate hardware parts of the device. In our case, the affected element was the keyboard. Since the keyboard module of the laptop is fixed to the case by some constructive elements of the laptop and connected to the motherboard with a short loop, the process of independent dismantling of the damaged part can be deplorable for the cost of further repairs. Therefore, the very first thing that the owner of the electronic assistant should do when the liquid gets inside the computer is to disconnect the battery and contact the service workshop.

Important and useful tips

1. Do not work buttons on the laptop keyboard and touchpad, and you need to complete an important assignment? Moreover, the work done is on the laptop's hard drive, and you have already lost all hope of a favorable outcome? There is an alternative method that allows you to control the input device through the laptop interface.

Keyboard buttons do not work

A standard USB keyboard inserted into the laptop connector will definitely help to resolve the situation.

2. If the keyboard does not respond to keystrokes, make sure that none of the device buttons are stuck or mechanically damaged.

3. If you do not have a button on your laptop, most likely the system requires certain drivers, since some service keys function only after installing specialized firewood. Usually these are the functional keys of the notebook: brightness, volume, navigation buttons, etc.

4. Very often, the reason for the fact that the buttons on the laptop do not work is the operating system itself. Reinstalling the OS is an expedient solution to ensure that the software failure is not the source of the problem.

5. In some cases, the burned microcontroller may be the culprit for the incompetence of the keys. In this situation, a visit to the service center can not be avoided, since the labor-intensive process of replacing the part requires specialized knowledge and experience in mounting the damaged element.


If the above guidance did not help, andstill do not work buttons on the laptop, you should not try to disassemble the unit yourself and use the "poke" method. Manipulations of inexperienced hands can lead to quite serious problems. It is more expedient to turn to professionals. Very often, the elimination of this failure costs the laptop owner a penny. It is not necessary before the time to get upset and expose your favorite computer to the risk of being destroyed by your own hands!