Why is the laptop slow?


There was a time when every home began to appearcomputers. Initially they were "weak", although the programs did not differ with system requirements. If the application needed 1 GB of RAM for normal operation, then it was considered demanding.

the laptop slows down
Computers evolved, became more powerful, afterwhat in the world began to appear laptops. They immediately gained popularity, because the fact that they were portable made it completely meaningless to have a stationary computer in the house. Naturally, the screens here are slightly smaller, but now it's not uncommon for laptops with 17, or even 19-inch displays.

So, over time, there is one problem -brakes the laptop. It was never a pleasant experience, because waiting for the reaction of this electronic box is probably the most painful occupation on Earth for every user. The fact is that the owners of laptops bought them, usually in order to have constant quick access to the Internet, to any files, documents, and when the laptop slows down, this reason disappears automatically. How can we deal with this?

First you need to decide what is wrong. This can be software, for example, the clogging of the operating system, or the part of the "iron", in which case it may be necessary to replace the parts.

Let's start with the second one. The most painful part of all laptops is their hard drive, so if the laptop slows down, then it's worthwhile to think about the diagnosis of this "body". There are many programs for this, for example, Victoria, HDD Regenerator.

why the laptop slows down
The second is used, as a rule, forrecovery, but can be brought in as a diagnosis. If everything is in order with the hard drive, then do not worry about the state of other details, because they all have a much larger resource of work than he. In addition, it is worth observing how much the laptop is fastidious to power. It happens that the manufacturer incorrectly calculates the capacity of the battery, after which, when working only from it, the laptop slows down. If you connect the power from the network, the work is normalized. It's worth thinking about a high-capacity battery.
the laptop is very slow

If the matter is in software, then this isimmediately noticeable, and then the question arises as to why the laptop is slowing down. The fact is that after surfing the Internet, watching photos and movies, and after listening to music in system folders, there are many files, so-called "cached."

There are programs for cleaning, the most popularand effective is CCleaner, in which there is a possibility to delete the application log, for example, browsers, as well as the function of searching and fixing registry errors. The program allows you to fine-tune the list of extensions that it will accept for garbage, and also shows all the files that are to be deleted. Of course, they can be excluded from the deleted.

If the laptop slows down, it's seriously worth itthink about how to give it to a service center, where professionals work. In addition, the most effective way to repair software is to reinstall the OS, but remember that it can lead to the loss of important data, and will require the installation of drivers. So before this step it is worth seriously thinking.