How many people play in DotA 2: statistics


Despite the fact that Dota 2 was released in 2011, itspopularity and is not going to fall. Of course, like any project, DotA has periods of decline and growth in popularity, but this does not prevent it from being the second most popular MOBA game in the world after LoL. Let's see how many people play in "DotA 2" and why is it so popular?

how many people are playing in DotA 2

Total number of players

All statistics on the number of gamers in "DotA 2"can be divided into two categories - the total number of the audience and the permanent online. It is clear that the first value will be many times greater due to the fact that the game has more than 7 years. Since 2011, the number of players who added Dota 2 to their library store Steam, exceeded 12.5 million. For all time, more than 3 billion matches have been played (rating and public account are taken into account).

About how many people play in "DotA 2" constantly,it's difficult to talk, because the current online is constantly changing. In early 2016, the game set an absolute record for all of its existence - 880,000 users in the game at the same time. Moreover, this record was beaten only in the second half of 2017 by playing PUBG, which is also distributed via Steam, but for money.

Current Online

At the moment the number of simultaneous playersin Dota 2 strongly fluctuates. In the worst days online can drop to 250-300 thousand users. The average number is at the level of 500 thousand players. To see how many people are playing in "DotA 2" now, and to find out the maximum number for the current day you can with the official statistics of the Steam service. In most cases, Dota 2 stably is in the second position in the ranking by the number of players. The first place for a long time is not inferior to the too popular PUBG. The famous MOBA game sometimes drops to third place, yielding to CS GO or released novelties (which happens very rarely).

how many people are playing DotA 2 all over the world

The reason for the fall of interest

By how many people are playing in DotA 2, you canto judge the sharp drop in online over the past year. This is mainly due to rare updates from developers (the last global patch was released more than six months ago) and the absence of events timed to the holidays, etc.

The second obvious reason is the gaming community itself. Gamers in "DotA 2" are considered one of the most unpleasant players for team interaction. Chat almost any match is full of insults and caustic. Because of this, many go to other projects where the administration closely monitors the behavior of players or does not give them the opportunity to behave this way.

And the last reason is the rating system, whichhas not changed dramatically since the release. Against the backdrop of a completely successful season system in LoL, this scheme looks obsolete and inaccurate. All these factors together contribute to a constant outflow of people, despite the growing prize and salaries in the professional segment. Now you know how many people play in DotA 2 around the world and why its popularity has dropped noticeably over the past year.