Details on how to change letters in Excel to letters


Today we will talk about how to change in Exceldigits on letters. In some cases, this is necessary. However, many users of the Excel editor are accustomed to the fact that the line numbers are denoted by numbers, in turn, the columns can be identified by letters.


how to change excel digits to letters

In order to solve the problem, how to change theExcel numbers for letters, first of all, we make some changes to the style of links. To do this, go to the settings of the table editor. As a result, the numbers in the columns will be replaced with letter designations. Note that the value of the described setting is saved in the file along with the table, so when you open the material, in the future we will load the specified parameter. Excel instantly recognizes the changes made earlier and will result in the numbering of the columns in accordance with the user's requirements. If you open a file that has a different value for this setting, we'll see a different style in the column numbering. In other words, if you get a table with unusual settings, in all other materials they will remain the same.

Excel Options

We proceed to the next stage of the solution of the problem, asIn Excel, change the numbers to letters, and open the main menu of the editor by clicking on the large round button in the upper left corner of the window. Below, we will see two functions. One of them is called "Excel Options". We press on it. The described actions can be performed without using the mouse - the main menu is opened by pressing ALT key first, and then pressing "F". In turn, the letter "M" will allow access to the necessary parameters of Excel.

Link Style

how to excel letters in excel

In order to solve the problem, how to change theExcel numbers for letters, choose the item "Formulas". It is on the left in the settings window that opens. Look for a parameter that is responsible for working with formulas. It is the first item in the specified section, marked as the "Link Style", which determines how the columns on all pages of the editor will be designated. To replace numbers with letters, remove the corresponding mark from the described field. Manipulation of this type can be done with the help of both the mouse and the keyboard. In the latter case, we use the ALT + 1 keyboard shortcuts. After all the done actions, press the "OK" button. In this way, changes made to the settings will be recorded. In earlier versions of this software, the access button to the main menu has a different appearance. If you use the edition of the editor "2003", use the "Parameters" section in the menu. Next, go to the "General" tab and change the "R1C1" setting. So we figured out how to change the digits to letters in Excel.