WarCraft 3: Cheats for game


In this article for you, we gave the codes for the gameWarCraft 3. Also to each mentioned solution is a detailed description: tells how it works and so on. With the help of a special combination the player can gain an additional advantage. Of course, in the first place everything will depend only on the skill you want to use.

Currently in WarCraft 3 codes existalmost all actions. If you have never had to deal with the activation of such a tool, then you need to find out how this is done. In order to use the cheat in the game, just press the Enter button, after which you must enter the correct combination. As you can see, everything is very simple. If you entered the code correctly in the game, then it will be activated immediately, and you will find out about it.

Today we decided to bring the most popular,as well as popular cheats for "Warcraft 3". Let's start right away with the most important codes, by entering which, you can quickly finish the game. The combination of somebodysetupusthebomb gives you the ability to instantly fail, but the allyourbasearebelongtous code is the opposite. More precisely, with the help of it you will win. Of course, such codes are not popular. Players are simply not interested immediately to win or be defeated.


warcraft 3 codes

Also in WarCraft 3 cheats, codes and add-ons arepopular and more functional, and you can learn about them right now. The combination of greedisgood [quantity] will add to you the required number of gold and wood. As you have probably been able to understand, instead of square brackets, you need to specify the required amount of resources. This code can be used by you at any time throughout the game process.


warcraft 3 cheats codes

In some cases, the user does not have enoughonly certain elements. For example, it could be wood or gold. Currently, there are cheats that allow you to add only certain resources. The code keysersoze [quantity] allows you to replenish the gold reserves. This is very useful. In the column "quantity" you need to specify the required number of material. The code for the leafittome [number] is used by the players to get the tree. Also, the volume should be specified independently.

Using in WarCraft 3 codes similar to the aboveabove, you need to know and that the same amount of resources will appear and your opponents. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully apply these cheats and only as needed. Otherwise, your opponent can develop faster, and this will only lead to a loss.

On the first try

Let's now talk about no less important codes,which are also regularly used by players in "Warcraft 3". The combination of warpten makes it possible to accelerate production. With this code, you will be able to develop your army much faster, build units, and extract the necessary resources. If you are not playing against a real person, but are a computer rival, then all the buildings and development will also be accelerated.

In WarCraft 3, the codes are also presentkind. For example, whosyourdaddy allows all your units to kill opponents. At the same time, enemies will die from just one shot. Also an interesting point is that all your buildings will be invulnerable. Accordingly, the enemy can not destroy them.

Principle of operation

codes for the game warcraft 3

In fact, in WarCraft 3 codes of this plan do not givefull vulnerability of the enemy. They increase the level of attack, and also there is a multiple increase in the protection of all your units. Therefore, we can say that in some cases you may not be able to destroy the enemy with one blow.

Let's note, that WarCraft III is a strategy inReal-time mode, which includes RPG elements. The developer of the project was the company Blizzard Entertainment. Also the game was created with the participation of Vivendi Universal.