SFS in the "Instagram". What is it? The main advantages


"SFS in" Instagram "- what is it?". This question was sooner or later asked by many users of the service. SFS is one of the ways to promote the "Instagram" network. The popularity of this service is increasing every day, which is not surprising. "Instagram" helps to watch someone else's life, looking through photos or videos. You can also post interesting pictures of your history.

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What is SFS?

The very concept of SFS is an abbreviationshoutout for shoutout. In turn, the phrase can be translated as "scream for shouting". There is also another, softer version of the translation: "voice for voice." And yet: SFS in the "Instagram" - what is it? This is a common practice that helps active users advertise their page or learn about many other interesting accounts.

In a general sense, any mention of anotheruser can be called SFS in "Instagram". What does it mean? If a user praises another's page in a laudatory manner, specifying a link to it, and in replacement the advertised account also puts information about the user, it can also be called a "voice for the voice".

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How to make SFS?

In order to conduct your SFS, you need toexecute a few simple but understandable rules. After SFS in instagram - what is it? First of all, interested users. It is difficult to arrange, if in active subscribers only a couple of people. Therefore, it is necessary to have at least a small circle of readers.

You also need to be the owner of an interesting page, so that other users would like to post information about it at home. After all, no one wants to advise friends something boring, uninformative.

The next step will be a post with an announcement ofupcoming SFS. In it, users are invited to put information about the account on their page, with the link specified. Also, it is worth writing a few words about why this page is worth visiting.

The SFS organizer, in turn, promises to choosefrom the most sincere posts presented. And also to select the best pages and lay out information about them at home. This is a two-way advertising campaign. Only the organizer is always in the black. After all, there is much more written about him than he can choose.

In order to be able to see posts that areexpose subscribers, you need to invent a hashtag. This is a special word that begins with the sign "lattice", and becomes an active link. On this hashtag you can select the posts of interest.

Then the organizerinteresting pages at home. This can be both a few posts with detailed descriptions, and a collage that immediately covers a number of users. Interesting is the fact that the basis of the post are other people's photos. Namely: from the page of the advertised account, and then from the pages of users who participated in SFS.

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What are the advantages of SFS?

First of all, this event is held to get more subscribers. Therefore, the pluses are:

  • Growth of popularity.
  • Attraction of new subscribers.
  • Recognition.

Despite the fact that SFS can become a realrescue for many users, it is often not worth using. Otherwise, the page may seem advertising. It is better to confine yourself to a pair of SFS per month. Otherwise, there is a risk of losing subscribers.