All fragrances of France: Chanel Chance Tender


Chanel ... This word in different languages ​​is pronounced the same: with aspirations and dreamy.

shanel chance of tender
Today this fashionable trading house pleases the younger generation with another fragrance from the line "Chance" - "Chanel Chance Tender".

Describe perfume is quite difficult, because everyonewith him their own relationship. Some people may like the smell, but some do not. On the skin, hair, clothes, it reveals itself in different ways. From here sometimes even such conflicting opinions about the same spirits.

Chanel Chance Tender: description of the fragrance

What is the new fragrance? Why did it become a discovery for some women, for others - a confirmation of the quality and elitism of a well-known brand?

Chanel Chance Tender is an unforgettablefruit and floral cocktail. It is filled with refreshing, sourish shades of the surrounding gardens. The astringency of jasmine and spicy notes of musk, the greenish cool of quince - all this will give you a bottle of new toilet water. The initial notes in it are grapefruit and quince. The heart of the smell is hyacinth and jasmine. Musky-cedar aftertaste with the addition of ambergris completes this wonderful fireworks display.

If we compare "Chanel Chance Tender" with other flavors in this line, then the comparison will not be in favor of the latter.

chanel chance tender description of fragrance
Many of us noted that the "Fresh" - tooman's fragrance, there are in him some notes of the north and severity. "Classic" is good as a holiday option. But Tender is great for every day. The peculiarity of this fragrance is that it is very interestingly disclosed. Then you almost do not feel it, then one note wakes up, then another one. This smell differs in its unobtrusiveness. He does not shout about himself, which is very important when you work in a large team. Many women note the beauty and sensuality of this fragrance in the fall. It does not choke, but it sounds pretty fresh.

How to distinguish a fake

Choosing perfume, we want to get an original and genuine product. What should I look for first?

  1. On the location of the nebulizer. It is believed that its mechanism should be hidden.

  2. Glass must be of high quality, not have any bubbles and microcracks.

  3. All inscriptions must be made clearly. Vague letters are one of the main indicators of forgery.

What does Chanel Chance Tender look like? The photo shows the original packaging of these spirits.

shanel chance of tender photo

  • On the pink box there is the inscription "Chance" white, "Chanel" - black.

  • It is worth paying attention to the aluminum seal on the bottom of the bottle.

  • On the cap you can see the sign of the company "Chanel".

  • At the top of the box is also this brand name. It is pressed into the cardboard.

  • There are no stickers. Everything is printed on the package itself.

Summing up, I want to say about the main features of the fragrance "Chanel Chance Tender".

First, it is persistent. For 4-5 hours it's enough. This smell does not leave a trail, however it is well appreciable at close contact. Completely it disappears very soon.

Secondly, the smell is unobtrusive and does not cause rejection. There is in him even something of an aphrodisiac. Some exciting notes.

In general, this fragrance perfectly suits a strong and confident woman, who has not lost her sensuality and desire for elegance.