Essential oils for the face - aromatic rejuvenation


Essential oils are known not only for their brightrich aromas, but also unique cosmetic properties. Many women enrich them with their creams, add them to baths, lotions and cleansers. Some essential oils for the face heal wounds and scratches, others have bactericidal action, others - stimulate blood circulation and cellular regeneration.

essential oils for the face

The growth of new cells is one of the indispensable conditionsrejuvenation. And with this, the ylang-ylang oil works very well. It not only stimulates the regeneration of cells, but also has moisturizing properties, nourishes and softens fading skin. A pleasant bonus is erotic stimulation.

Neroli oil is another leader among the essentialoils that have a rejuvenating effect. It refreshes, tones, restores the skin elasticity and elasticity. This oil successfully fights and with kuperozom, which brings a lot of problems to women. Neroli oil, according to recent studies, reduces premenstrual tension in women, as well as stress during the menopause.

Jasmine oil, popular in perfumeindustry, found its place in cosmetology. With regular application, it improves the protective properties of the skin and restores its integrity, eliminates small scars and traces of acne.

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Some essential oils for the face, such as oillemon, for example, are considered universal and can be used for various purposes. For example, olive oil with the addition of a few drops of lemon oil is a proven remedy for wrinkles. Such a mix promotes the production of elastin and collagen, and also improves the complexion. Lemon oil and for oily skin is very useful. It narrows the pores, disinfects them and slightly whitens it. The only thing to remember when applying it - you can not put it before going out! It is phototoxic.

Rose - not only the queen of flowers, but also the queenessential oils. This legendary aphrodisiac is also known for its unsurpassed anti-aging effect: pink oil promotes tissue regeneration, improves cellular metabolism, smooths wrinkles and improves skin relief, eliminates small defects and scars, and has antioxidant effect. It is successfully applied on the eyelid area, removing dark circles and swelling under the eyes.

The listed essential oils for the face eliminate and some defects of the figure: cellulite, stretch marks. But the essential oils from stretch marks help only with prolonged (no less than a year) regular use.

essential oils from stretch marks

Application rules:

1. Essential oils for the face can be applied to the skin only in diluted form, except for lavender and tea tree, and even then they can be applied only to the inflammatory focus. Before use, mix essential oil with any suitable cosmetic (almond, avocado, peach, etc.).

2. Enriching the cream, lotions and masks, add essential oil to a single serving.

3. If the aroma of oil is unpleasant to you, it is not recommended to use it.

Where to buy essential oils? The question is not simple, as the market is full of various essential oils of questionable quality. To put such product on a skin categorically it is impossible, differently it is possible to receive an opposite effect from procedures. Focus on the price - this essential oil a priori can not be cheap. Remember the scene of cooking aroma oil in the movie "Perfume", and you will understand why this is so. It is difficult to determine the quality of essential oils independently, it is better to purchase them in tested specialized stores, giving preference to well-known brands.