Coconut oil for eyelashes: application, recipes, reviews and efficiency


Women's view is weapons of mass destruction, andbecause the beautiful sex gives so much time to the makeup of the eyes. Depth of view, velvety thick eyelashes and eyebrows arc - that's a win-win combination, striking in the heart and inspiring to the most insane deeds. Poets come up with luxurious figurative comparisons, for example, equate the flight of a butterfly with a sweep of the eyelashes. But without proper care, they become brittle. To avoid such risks, it is worth using coconut oil for eyelashes.

coconut oil for eyelashes

The importance of care

Fashion trends in the field of medical and decorativecosmetics vary from season to season, but still practice confirms that there is nothing better for our appearance in comparison with natural remedies. Exceptionally, the power of nature allows you to maintain beauty and youth, moisturize and nourish the skin, strengthen the hair, making them thick and silky.

Care of appearance must be carried out for allfronts to achieve an impressive effect. This is a healthy diet, and physical activity and, of course, the use of quality care products. In terms of the latter, just the eye area is the most capricious, since the skin here is the most delicate and tender, and many of the tests fall on its fate. Every day we have three eyes, wash with cold water, apply a layer of make-up, with which we go all day.

In addition, the eye area is always exposedthe whims of the weather. If the vision begins to weaken, then we squint, and as a result, wrinkles appear. Caring for the skin does not take much time, especially if you use time-tested funds. These include coconut oil for eyelashes.

coconut oil for eyelashes отзывы

Basic care for cilia

In the evening, take a quarter of an hour to rest not only your body, but also the skin. For a full-fledged face cleaning is not enough one tube with the appropriate means.

By the way, alcohol base lotion is notit is recommended, as it dries the hair and destroys the protective film on the cilia. If you use this lotion will speed up the loss of eyelashes, and they themselves will fade. If you like waterproof mascara, then for make-up use a special two-phase remedy.

After removing makeup, apply on eyelashescastor oil or any other cosmetic oil to improve the structure of the hair and impart silkiness. In some cases, tubes in your bathroom can squeeze coconut oil for eyelashes. Reviews about this product are mostly enthusiastic, because the product is sparingly consumed, has no extraneous smells, and the result, as they say, is obvious.

coconut oil for eyelash growth

In the trend, naturalness

What explains the popularity of the product? Coconut oil for eyelashes has become a favorite means in home cosmetology. In this case, the scope of the product is not limited to cilia. Oil is good for the face, hair and body.

Oriental beauties used it back in timetimes, raising in absolute priority due to the richness of the composition with vitamins, minerals, trace elements and fatty acids. Activation of ingredients gives a real vitamin bomb, fighting for our beauty.

Vitamins A, E and C in the product strengthenhair bulbs and stimulate hair growth. This is especially true for adolescents, radically plucking eyebrows, and for age-old women who have eradicated their eyebrows at a young age. In addition, fatty acids fight bacterial infections, and they often cause hair loss.

For the hydration of hairs, hyaluronicacid, which also reduces brittleness. With regular application of oil stimulates the production of collagen and elastane. Each hair seems to be wrapped in oil "armor", opposing the weather or the corrosive composition of sea water. As a bonus - an additional volume of cilia and their increased growth.

For a better effect, you can combine oilCoconut for eyelashes with vitamin E in capsules, castor, peach and linseed oil. Ingredients work better and more quickly if they are warmed up in a water bath.

coconut oil for eyelashes and eyebrows

Application in practice

If you purchased coconut oil for eyelashes,the application of the product you are interested in first. I must say straight out that there are a lot of ways, and the result directly depends on them. Sometimes girls get too zealous, and then get allergic or swelling. It is logical that later they are disappointed in the effectiveness of this tool.

To rule out the possibility of a negative outcome,It is necessary to follow the rules of application clearly. For example, you need to heat the oil, but do not overheat so as not to get a burn. And coconut oil and can at all be firm at purchase. So you can not spread it on the cilia. So heat on a water bath or in a microwave. In extreme cases, you can even warm up the product with your hands.

To apply oil it is necessary to point, that itflowed into your eyes. For this purpose it is convenient to use an old brush from the carcass, only before use it should be washed and dried. If there are no brushes, then you can do with an old good cotton swab.

coconut oil for eyelashes application

Nuances of application

How much should coconut oil be maintained?For eyelashes and eyebrows, the time can be the same. It is best to apply it at night. This is ideal when the cilia are badly damaged. If the eyelids are sensitive, then half an hour is enough.

Do not get involved in procedures, a couple of times ina week it is possible to leave oil for the night, and on other days to put on some hours after a supper. The method of use is specific in its own way, because it is necessary to stain from the middle of the hair to the tips to exclude the ingress onto the mucosa.

If you slightly overdo it with the amount, thenfor a short time to deteriorate eyesight, and before your eyes will appear the thinnest film. If the eyelids are very sensitive, then they can swell. The course of daily procedures can be stretched for 2 weeks or 2 months, if you apply oil twice a week.

coconut oil for eyelash growth reviews

A little bit about the very essence

Already from the name it is clear that coconut oil foreyelashes are pulled from the fruit of coconut. The flesh of such fruit is saturated with oil up to 65%. The oil is obtained by spinning. It smells of coconut and quickly hardens, especially at low temperatures. But this applies to the unrefined version, and in cosmetology recommended purified oil, which is colorless and virtually odorless.

When buying a product, pay attention toA compound that should not be variegated with chemical additives. If there is a choice, it is better to take unrefined oil for home cosmetology, since it preserves more nutrients. More beneficial is the oil that was extracted by cold pressing. It smells nice, has a yellowish tinge.

The shelf life of the product is not more than one year. Even this period is realistic if it is kept in the refrigerator.

In addition

What is such a valuable product?Coconut oil for the growth of eyelashes is rich in vitamins of group B, due to which the skin returns youth and elasticity, wrinkles and wrinkles are minimized. Thanks to vitamin B6 inflammations go away, and vitamin B9 removes acne on the face.

If your skin has excessive pallor oryellowish shade, then to help the vitamin PP, which is abundant in coconut oil. With regular application, the skin gains a blush. Smoothly tighten the wounds and microcracks.

Over time, there are furuncles and acne, disappearfat and gloss, since caprylic acid penetrates into the pores and normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands. Directly cilia oil nourishes and moisturizes. It also stimulates their growth and makes an invisible film around each hair, which reflects harmful environmental factors.

They say girls

About the coconut oil for the growth of eyelashes the reviews are very good, because the product not only improves the structure of the hairs, but it has a healing effect on the entire body.

In the beauty ration of each girl can enter a maskAgainst clogged pores on the basis of coconut oil and coffee grounds. Many girls note that when using it in the winter, skin flakings disappear, small wrinkles are smoothed out. Smoothly moisturizes the skin, making it look younger and more attractive.

Cilia with frequent application become thick and dark, and the look is wide open.