Coconut oil. Properties. Application in cosmetology


Since time immemorial, women have been caring for the faceand the body, trying to keep youth and attractiveness. And the main help in this always were the gifts of nature, which possess useful properties for the body.

Natural elements of vegetable originand now are a part of many effective cosmetic preparations for the care of the body and face. A real miracle for maintaining health and beauty can be considered coconut oil, the properties of which are known for more than four thousand years. And today, coconut oil is a favorite product for many women, designed to care for hair and skin.

The composition of coconut oil includes saturated andunsaturated fatty acids, polyphenols, vitamins, minerals. Numerous useful properties of coconut oil make it irreplaceable in the care of face, body and hair. Thanks to its nourishing, cleansing, softening, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and healing qualities, coconut oil is a component of many creams, lotions, vaseline, balms, shampoos, soaps. Widely used and pure oil - refined or unrefined. It is perfectly absorbed, does not cause allergy and sensations of oiliness, it is ideal for all types of skin, it is well applied, despite its firm structure, makes the skin soft, silky, gentle, smoothly smoothes fine wrinkles.

Facial care

Pure coconut oil, the properties of which makeits universal facial care product, acts equally effectively on both dry and oily skin, normalizing salonification. The oil has a light texture, is well applied and absorbed, penetrates deep layers of the skin, does not clog in the pores, forms a protective film. Coconut oil has a cleansing and exfoliating action, well suited for removing makeup. The skin on the face becomes elastic, fresh and radiant. Oil can be used as a moisturizer and a nutritious remedy instead of a cream. For the face it is recommended to use refined or refined oil

Body care

Coconut oil perfectly replaces body lotionafter taking a shower, creams for hands and feet. It softens, smoothes the skin, works perfectly on dry and coarsened areas: elbows, knees, heels, hands, making them tender and soft. The oil tones and rejuvenates the décolleté zone, soothes the skin after epilation, heals small cracks and abrasions, helps fight cellulite and stretch marks. Coconut oil, whose properties are incredibly diverse, can be used as a massage oil - it is nice for the body and does not create the effect of oily skin. Lovers of the sun have long noticed that coconut oil makes tan even, while protecting the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light, dehydration and excessive dryness. It is good to apply oil to the body after bathing and sunbathing. In the case of sunburn, it perfectly calms the affected areas. The oil can be used both in its pure form and added to sunscreen products and sunscreen.

Hair care

Coconut oil, the properties of which alloweffectively take care of scalp and hair, is used in the production of shampoos and balms. You can use pure coconut oil before washing your head. To do this, you need to rub it into the scalp, hold it for fifteen minutes (better wrap your head with a towel), wash your head with shampoo. The oil absorbs well into the hair, strengthens and protects them, makes them elastic, shiny, promotes rapid growth. When splitting hair, it is recommended to apply oil to the ends of the hair and leave it overnight. Get rid of dandruff will help mask with coconut oil - the result will not be worse than from expensive shampoos against dandruff. Especially useful is oil for colored hair, which becomes more natural and lasts longer.

Can everyone apply coconut oil? Harm and benefit come from any product, and coconut oil is no exception. To care for the face and body, it is required to choose refined oil, since the unpeeled oil does not suit everyone. In addition, it is better not to use pure oil with problem skin, as it can clog pores. And, of course, there is an individual intolerance to this product.