Rejuvenation of the face after 60 years without surgery: methods and means


Face rejuvenation after 60 years without surgeryIntervention is effective if the woman is especially careful with the skin. It is mandatory to use cosmetics to improve the tone and elasticity of the epidermis. In addition, salon treatments and home masks based on natural ingredients are especially popular.

Let's try to figure out what effective methods of face rejuvenation exist after 60 years.


Practical cosmetology distinguishes 3 basic methods of rejuvenation:

  1. Injection.
  2. Hardware.
  3. Cosmetic.

Injection technique is famous for its pronounced effect, which is noticeable after the first procedure. Therefore, this rejuvenation of the face after 60 years without surgery is very popular among ladies in their ages.

The first 2 methods are based on the introduction of a specialpreparation under the skin. The agent based on hyaluronic acid, which is a natural component of our dermis and responsible for its elasticity and elasticity, is most often used. The course of injections will prolong youth and guarantee a lasting effect.

However, it is worth remembering that similar methodsRejuvenation of a person after 60 years should be carried out only by experienced doctors and exclusively within the walls of aesthetic medicine clinics. These specialists not only received appropriate training, but also have practical knowledge in the anatomy of the face.

Features and varieties of injection correction: mesotherapy

The most common procedure for rejuvenationby injection. During mesotherapy, the biologically active substance is injected into the skin of the patient to a depth of 6 mm. The stimulating drug has an anti-inflammatory effect and is rich in the presence of amino acids and vitamins.

facial rejuvenation after 60 years without surgery

Correct technique of fractional rejuvenationwill lead to aseptic inflammation, which as a result stimulates the production of a hormone responsible for the growth factor and triggers the synthesis of the structural components of the skin. As a result of this method of face rejuvenation after 60 years without surgery, elasticity, hydration, blood supply and elasticity of the dermis increase.


An effective worldwide method,Normalizing the tone of facial muscles by injecting. This drug makes the skin younger without plastic surgery. The use of Botox is allowed in Russia and in 57 countries of the world.

Dysport is based on purified butolotoxin typeA, which, when injected into the dermis, immobilizes the muscles of the face. The weakening of motor activity leads to a smoothing of wrinkles, including deep, and smoothing of the skin of the face.

methods of face rejuvenation after 60 years

Due to the fact that the dosage of injection is minimal, the drug is absolutely safe. But with the wrong introduction there are complications:

  • asymmetry of the face;
  • omission of the corners of the eyes;
  • a face frozen in an expression of surprise.

For a long-term effect, it is recommended that approximately 4 procedures be performed at intervals of up to 8 months.

Contour plastic

Another way to rejuvenateperson after 60 years without surgery. Procedures of contour plastics include a series of injections with special fillers - fillers, which allow to smooth out the contour of the face and give the tissues an additional volume.

For contour plastics, the following gels are used:

  • collagenic;
  • with hyaluronic acid;
  • combined.
    facial rejuvenation after 60 years without surgery

Due to the effectiveness and the obvious result after the first procedure of drug administration contour plastic is recognized as the best method for rejuvenation.

Contraindications to injections

Rejuvenation of a person after 60 years without surgery is categorically contraindicated in the following cases:

  • viral diseases;
  • pathological inflammation in the place where the injection was administered;
  • acute infectious disease;
  • epilepsy;
  • defeat of the central nervous system.

Hardware cosmetology

It is considered a queen without an operationalinterference. If you belong to the number of people who are afraid of panic attacks, then pay attention to this procedure, which is the most painless and with the least risk to health.

Hardware rejuvenation is a procedure based onuse of radio range of light and current. In addition to rejuvenation, there is a pronounced therapeutic effect, helping to solve many problems associated with skin.

Elos rejuvenation

This technology has many fans among ladiesaged 50 and over, as well as professionals. During the procedure, the deepest layer of the dermis is affected, but the integrity of the skin is not compromised.

Elos-facial rejuvenation after 60 years without surgery (women's testimonies confirm this) completely eliminates pigment spots, wrinkles, vascular sprouts and even the skin.

facial rejuvenation after 60 years without procedure surgery

The safety of the method is based on the following factors:

  • equipment was created by Syneron Medical, an Israeli company that deals with long-term clinical studies of the properties of the skin;
  • in the apparatus Elos there is a special effective system, through which the cooling of the epidermis occurs.

Laser rejuvenation

The essence of the procedure is that the upper layer of the dermis, which has lost its elasticity, burns down, and the living cells are intensively produced into the elastic and natural collagen.

Fractional laser facial rejuvenation after 60 years without surgery is one of the traumatic procedures, therefore it requires preliminary preparation and careful care of the dermis after the procedure.

The laser action extends all over the skin, and not into separate areas. As a result, the patient receives the following effect:

  • complete disappearance of fine wrinkles;
  • elimination of acne scars;
  • sharpness of the contours of the face.
    facial rejuvenation after 60 years without surgery reviews


Unfortunately, this is not the most popular procedure. However, this method allows you to extend the youthfulness of the skin to 10 years. During the massage you can use honey or essential oils.

Acupressure improves blood circulation and strengthens the muscles of the face.

Classic cosmetology massage is based on the following techniques:

  • stroking;
  • tingle;
  • trituration.

During the procedure, you must use a greasy cosmetic or massage cream, essential oils and floral honey.

Facial rejuvenation after 60 years without surgery

To achieve the first results, a minimum of 6 procedures of at least 40 minutes duration is necessary.

Collamask and Bonatox

These two means of face rejuvenation after 60 years without surgery proved to be the most effective.


is a thick light-gray cream mask with a pleasant smell. The composition is based mainly on natural ingredients:

  1. Collagen. Slows down the aging, restores ph-balance, smoothes out the shade of the face and smoothes out fine wrinkles.
  2. The essential oil of palmarosa. The ingredient has antimicrobial properties and stimulates the process of cellular renewal.
  3. Betaine.The component establishes a metabolism and protects the skin from the aggressive influence of the environment. Thanks to him, all useful substances can be absorbed by the body as much as possible and penetrate deeply into the dermis. Prolonged exposure to betaine eliminates edema on the face and dermatological problems.
  4. A complex of amino acids helps in the production of natural collagen. Due to this, wrinkles are filled, and the elasticity of the epidermis is increased.
  5. The blue clay tones and narrows the pores. Also has antibacterial properties. Clay starts the process of regeneration and improves the tone of the face.
  6. A complex of vegetable oils (soy, almond and grape seeds) saturates the skin, and also seals the necessary moisture in the cells.
  7. Alginate sodium is extracted from seaweed. Enhances the effects of the above components and is responsible for the viscous consistency of the cream.

The product is applied to a face that has been previously scrubbed with a scrub. It would be superfluous to steam out the skin in advance. Cream-mask is applied on massage lines, with a thin layer, aged for 20 minutes and rinsed with warm water.

Bonatox is a serum with the following properties:

  • smoothes fine wrinkles;
  • moisturizes the dermis;
  • refreshes the skin;
  • relieves inflammation;
  • tightens and increases the elasticity of the skin;
  • strengthens the process of producing natural collagen;
  • structured oval face, that is, makes it clear.

The active ingredients of the serum include: wild yam, melatonin, natural proteins, aloe juice, vitamin E, oat, sunflower, rosemary and rice bran extracts, olive oil.

Serum is applied to the cleansed skin by a gentle massage. Duration of the course is 28 days.

Rejuvenation of the face after 60 years without surgery: masks

The most popular component for making masks is gelatin. The ingredient contains a large amount of organic protein, which provides a lifting effect.

methods of face rejuvenation after 60 years without surgery

So, in order to rejuvenate the face after 60 years, it is necessary to take the following components:

  • mineral cold water - 35 ml;
  • milk - 25 ml;
  • gelatin - 5 g;
  • butter - 10 g;
  • essential oil of neroli - 2-3 drops.

Pour gelatin with mineral water and leave forswelling. Melt the mixture in a water bath and enter two kinds of oil. Stir and apply a mask on the face with a thick layer. After 20 minutes, the composition should be removed using a cotton wool soaked in warm milk.

Mask for tightened skin:

  • red caviar - 1/2 tablespoon;
  • vegetable oil 7 ml.

Mix the butter with caviar and massaging movementsapply a mask on face. Wash off after 25 minutes. Instead of vegetable oil, you can use a mixture of almond and olive, and caviar can be replaced with fish oil.

For the lifting effect:

  • egg white;
  • evening primrose oil 5 ml;
  • flour peas - 3 tsp;
  • essential oil of Egyptian geranium - 7 drops.

Beat the protein in a stable foam and mix withother components. A thick mass can be applied in a thin layer not only on the face, but also on the delicate area around the eyes, neckline and neck. After the formulation has dried, apply the next layer. Wash off after 20 minutes. After applying a tonic or moisturizer. Repeat the procedure after 3 days. The result will be noticeable after 10 masks.

Rejuvenation of the face after 60 years without surgery can bein a more accessible way. For this, it is necessary to mix several tablespoons of white clay (kaolin) with 1/4 st. sour cream. Add the whipped protein and a spoonful of mustard-seed honey. At the end, add 2 ml of aloe juice. Keep mask on face for at least 20 minutes. Wash off with warm water.

Rejuvenation of the face after 60 years without surgery: creams

  1. Ginseng.Nourishing cream from the famous Russian brand "Nevskaya Cosmetics". Despite the budget, women's reviews suggest that the remedy animates cells and perfectly nourishes the skin of the face. Regular use of the product will help to smooth out fine wrinkles.
  2. Roc Complete Lift.In modern cosmetology, the product has appeared relatively recently, but has already proved itself on the good side - high efficiency and affordable cost. The cream works in two directions: it forms elastin and has an easy lifting effect. Due to what the skin becomes healthy, elastic and lifting effect is observed.
  3. Lierac Arkeskin.Individual remedy suitable for hormonal aging. As you know, the appearance of the skin depends on estrogen, if there is a violation in its development, then first of all it is noticeable on the face. The remedy is designed to balance the balance of the hormonal background.
  4. Avon Replenishing Cream.The advantage of the remedy is that it is suitable for any type of skin. The composition is based on natural substances (vitamins and trace elements) that promote skin regeneration. In addition, the cosmetic preparation carries out a deep moistening of the dermis.
  5. Vichy.A well-known French brand engaged in the production of anti-aging cosmetics. According to customers, the cream has a rapid effect, so it is considered one of the best in the fight for youthful skin. A huge assortment will help to choose a remedy for any type of skin that will smooth wrinkles, moisten the dermis and restore natural collagen in the cells.

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