Pantries of nature in the service of man. Bay: essential oil and the benefits of it


bay essential oil

Essential oils are an invaluable gift of nature to people. Having learned to extract them from the heart of plants, a person received a unique remedy for healing and rejuvenating his body, preserving beauty, vivacity and good spirits. Aromatherapy, cosmetology, medicine use oils in the widest possible way, and in the household they are far from superfluous. It is worth adding that the extraction and production of natural product - it's quite expensive. After all, for the production of only 1 drop of the cherished oil leaves up to 3 kg and more of natural raw materials. Therefore, there is a small 10-ml bottle very much even. However, like everything natural!

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essential oil bay

Yes, that is the scientific name of the very sameplants, from which they produce bay - essential oil, which helps us in a variety of situations. As a raw material for its production is a laurel tree, growing in the West Indian geographical sector. It refers to the family of myrtle and has a very pleasant fresh, spicy smell with a light soft sourness. According to the description of oriental healers (after all, aromatherapy began to be practiced primarily in the ancient cultures of the East and Asia), the smell of the plant, and even more, the aromatic bay itself (essential oil) helps to concentrate attention, increases clarity of mind and sharpness of thought. Charges with positive emotions and frees the psyche of oppressive fear, helps to cope with stress. Therefore, inhaling oil fluids was considered very useful, especially for people engaged in mental work, as well as in moments of intense excitement, shock, or persons with a weak, unstable psyche. Currently, the scope of its use has expanded significantly.

Pharmacological parameters of the drug

Bay (essential oil) is pronouncedantispasmodic with analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. As an effective aromatics, it is good for a disease such as vegetative-vascular dystonia. In the case of problems with the locomotor apparatus, massage using a few drops of the drug causes blood flow to the muscle tissues and fibers, warms the muscles, prevents spasms. Athletes, especially before training, rub the essential oil of bay into the most loaded and involved parts of the body (shoulders, elbows and knee joints, etc.) to increase their elasticity, protect themselves from dislocations and sprains. Being a strong natural antidepressant, Bay is indicated as a therapeutic drug (aromatherapy sessions) with such psychic and psychomotor ailments as tremor, increased sweating, stuttering, tick. In addition, essential oil Bay (the price of it is quite acceptable) is recognized as an excellent rescuer for physical and neuropsychological fatigue. It closes signs of fear and hysteria, normalizes psychological processes at the emotional level. And if you are overtaken by the flu, tonsillitis, colds and other ENT diseases, inhalations will help you out in the very near future.

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Professional and home cosmetics

It remains to add that Bay (essential oil) foundthe most active application in cosmetology and cosmetic industry. It is a part of masks and remedies against loss and weakening of hair. On its basis, preparations are made for rejuvenation, moisturizing and nourishing the skin of the face and body.


So, if you have got a special aerolamp,you will have 6 drops per room of medium size. To take a bath, drip 8-9 drops into warm water. For inhalations, use 1 to 3 drops. If you use the bay as one of the components, you will literally have a couple of droplets. You can store the bottle with the product for as long as you like, the main thing is that it is completely sealed and standing in a dark place. Well manifests itself with oils of lavender, magnolia vine, myrtle, eucalyptus, juniper and others.