"Chanel Chance O Viv": reviews. Are you determined?


Perfume "Chanel Chance O Viv", reviews about which you canto read endlessly, so interesting is the diversity of opinions and epithets - this is one of the six Shanelev "Chances", fragrances, captivating nobility and expressive character. Each flavor has its own image. Let's see what they say about Chanel Chance O Viv, a novelty released in 2015.

perfume chanel chance about viv

What kind is he?

"Chanel Chance O Viv," about which wewe will analyze below, is positioned as a bold and decisive aroma, for modern young women. Shining, piquant, bright, energetic - this fragrance brings good luck. Perfume Oliver Polje is known as the author of luxurious and refined compositions (works with the most authoritative perfume houses, such as Cacharel, Choprad, etc.) with a clear and Hollywood bright image. Suffice it to recall Pior Poison from Dior, which is called round and lush, like a bride's outfit.

perfume chanel chance about viv reviews

Note analysis

"Chanel Chance O Viv" refers to quitepopular group "floral woody-musky." Such flavors are universal: they are suitable for both young and mature women, thanks to the solid woody notes. The new fragrance "Chanel Chance O Viv," which is confirmed by its versatility, includes fairly familiar notes. The composition is simple, but this simplicity is quite unusual in the compositional solution, each stage of the fragrance is bright and finished. The basis of the fragrance is jasmine, emphasized by the warmth of white musk. The beginning is a stunning fresh citrus mix. Grapefruit, citrus, red orange - and nothing extraneous. In the base is a bitter vetiver, habitual in a man's perfume, but invariably surprising in women's perfumery, a delicate but solid white cedar and some of the most mysterious colors are irises. As a result - an expressionist bright composition, captivating its ambiguity (femininity, masculinity, freshness, solidity).

new fragrance chanel chance about viv reviews

"Chance O Viv" and others

In 2003, Eau De Toilette came out - a noblea serious aroma with an unexpected pineapple note. Also there is a variant of Eau De Parfum - a composition based on vanilla, iris and jasmine. In 2007 - the Chance of Eau De Fraiche - perhaps, the most controversial in this line. In 2010, the most tender and young Eau Tendre came out - with notes of quince.

Eau Vive ("About Viv") was released in 2015. Of course, the previous flavors have already caught on and have some reputation, so let's make a discount on the fact that an objective evaluation of the novelty will be in 10 years. However, it is already certain that in the "Chances" range a new citrus fresh fragrance has taken up the last place. It is classic (unlike the "Chance" Eau De Fraiche and Eau Tendre) and at the same time has a light and universally pleasant citrus start.

perfume chanel chance about viv reviews

Bottle and advertising image

He is worth a few words, because the bottle is alwayssupports, and reflects the image. Experienced connoisseurs are able to accurately say what is inside the fragrance, judging only by the vial. For "Chanel Chance O Viv" (reviews confirm this!), Manufacturers have chosen a perfect and simple round shape. Nothing extra. The aroma is really round. According to the idea, clarity, sonority and simplicity do not make it cheap. This is the simplicity that is inherent in very expensive things. Quality - in work, materials, but not in the external decor. It is also no coincidence that a girl with red hair was chosen to advertise the fragrance - this once again emphasizes that the fragrance is daring and bold.

chanel chance about viv reviews

What do they like flavor for?

Beautiful, clockwork, invigorating - that's what they sayabout "Chanel Chance About Viv" reviews. The average score is four, because those who do not like the scent are very few. Much more than those who admitted that the perfume deserves attention, but simply did not sit down ("not mine", "you can have in the wardrobe, but not a pet"). Those who have placed the novelty to themselves, say that it sounds light and fresh, first delicious citrus, not at all rude, but tender, then lush flowers, and at the end a soft warm powder with easy attractive bitterness. The fragrance is created for the summer, it is clear and clear, at the same time it is suitable for the cold season, thanks to the warmth of woody notes and the heavy earthy vetiver.

chanel chance about viv

Thanks to the chemistry of the skin is quite contradictorythe aroma pyramid can play in different ways. Spirits "Chanel Chance O Viv" can turn different sides, and if they open, they can become loved. Those who are lucky describe the fragrance as feminine, stylish and very beautiful. Citruses do not beat in the nose, but play gently, but the flowers come to the fore, while they are gently shaded by body, warmth, pudrovostvo. The bitterness in the base is not rough, male, but juicy, fresh. Beautiful train, excellent durability.

Some called "O Viv" the best of all "Chances": long and beautifully unfolding, the citrus trees look original on the expensive Shanelev base. It sounds good in the cold and on cold dry skin. Very delicious natural grapefruit invigorates and enhances the mood. In general, the fragrance is feminine and sexy.

perfume chanel chance about viv


The fact that the fragrance is not unique, even those who say,who loves him, and those who have not approached him do not stint on epithets: boring, rude, unemotional, spineless, pale, inexpressive, too simple, ordinary compote.

The initial notes may sound too rough,(this is how you can perceive the manufacturer's declared determination), and then without a transition turn into a typical men's perfume. And despite the variety of descriptions ("acidic chemical fruits", "cheap citrus"), very many can be reduced to the fact that citrus too active and too many.

In contrast to the image of a cold male perfume inreviews are drawn one more, the opposite character. Pale, simple, dull, cucumber, light low-budget water, a creation in the style of Britney Spears, and all are confused by the fact that this averaged compote is released by the house of Chanel. Not at all like the classic "Chance", which sounds really luxurious and bright.


As always, everything comes down to what you needTest the fragrance on yourself, on your skin and in your life. Reviews can give an approximate picture and "dilute" too syrup descriptions of manufacturers. "Chanel Chance O Viv" is undoubtedly interesting and worthy of attention. But is it possible to be resolute, daring and elegant with ...? The answer is yours.