What does clover (tattoo) mean?


Choosing a sketch for a tattoo is always difficult. Even if you just want to decorate your own body, do not forget that others will always look for hidden meaning in this figure. What does clover (tattoo) mean and who will use this picture?

Traditional shamrock

Cloth tattoo
The image is very popularclover with three leaves and stalk. Most often the pattern resembles a real plant. Leaves - in the form of a heart, touch each other completely or between them a short distance. What is associated with this sign? With Russian meadows, Ireland and luck. The clover has gained a lot of popularity since the Irish St. Patrick's day began to be widely celebrated. But not all lovers of mass festivities know its history and meaning. Meanwhile, Saint Patrick and the clover are really interconnected. On the example of a plant leaf, the preacher explained to the people the essence of the Christian faith, the unity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. And this means that the clover is a tattoo, ideally suited to all believing people.

Four leaflets

Clover four-leaved tattoo value
There is a belief that if you find a clover in a meadowwith four sheets, you should keep it and always carry it with you. This should bring good luck. Plants with such an anomaly do occur. But why go in search, if you can always carry with you such an amulet, just stuffing a tattoo? Constant success and success in all matters, that is what the four-leaf clover symbolizes. Tattoos, whose value is intuitively clear to everyone, is ideal for both sexes. A simple drawing can be supplemented with an inscription or interesting ornament. From this decoration, the image of its magical power will not be lost. However, the most important thing is not the value of the tattoo that you are going to fill, but your activity and belief in your own strength.

What else can a clover mean?

This plant since ancient times is known in the mostdifferent parts of the world. Buddhists, using a leaf of the clover, explain the connection between the physical body of man and his soul. And this is a good example - like the elements are close and connected, but it is very easy to separate them. In ancient Egypt, the plant was considered divine, it was often portrayed as a detail of the dressing of Isis and Osiris. If you believe the Chinese, clover - a tattoo, which only demonstrates a love of summer and warmth. The inhabitants of India believe that the clover symbolizes the four sides of the world. There is also a more poetic meaning of this symbol, according to which four sheets denote faith, hope, love and luck.