Entholoma poisonous: photo and description of the fungus

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In autumn, at the height of the mushroom season, many mushroom pickersgo out on the path of "quiet hunting." However, not all mushrooms are equally useful, despite the fact that some of them are very attractive in appearance. How does entoloma look poisonous, and why can not it be eaten?

Description of mushroom

The entoloma is poisonous, or the poisonous rosewood is a toxic mushroom of the genus Entoloma. It has the following characteristics:

  • The hat is round, sometimes conical,the size of 5 to 17 cm in diameter is dirty-pink with a grayish tinge. Sometimes it has folds in the center of the cap. In rainy weather it becomes slippery and sticky.
  • Pulp of white mushroom. With a crack, it does not change the shade.

poisonous entoloma

  • The leg has a height of 4-14 cm in thickness up to 2 cm.Curved, cylindrical, sometimes the description of the entoloma of the poisonous characterizes it as thickening to the bottom, compressed. The surface of the leg is white-gray with a powdery coating closer to the cap.
  • The taste is described as indistinct or unpleasant, with bitterness.
  • The young mushroom gives off the smell of fresh flour, becomes rancid with aging.

It is necessary to accurately remember the appearance of the poisonous fungus in order not to accidentally place it in the basket to the edible. To do this, carefully examine the photo of the entoloma of the poisonous.


The poisonous entomological fungus is thermophilic,so it can often be found in the European part of Russia, southern Siberia, the North Caucasus, Ukraine, Belarus. Occasionally occurs in France, Austria. The crop of a rosewood can not be called plentiful, but nevertheless in whole places it is possible to meet the whole mushroom glades.

Mushroom grows from the beginning of May to the middleOctober in deciduous or mixed forests, plantings. Often you can find next to trees such as oak, birch, beech, hornbeam, willow. Entholoma poisonous prefers heavy soils with high lime content. It grows more often solitary, it is rare to find large clusters. Like all mushrooms, he likes places with high humidity. For example, under bushes or on the ground in a thick layer of fallen leaves.

entoloma poisonous photo

Signs of poisoning

The first signs of food poisoning entolomapoisonous will be manifested after half an hour after eating. In this case for severe poisoning you need to eat just one small piece. To determine the poisoning can be on several grounds:

  • migraine, which does not pass;
  • dizziness, loss of coordination;
  • nausea and frequent vomiting;
  • diarrhea and flatulence;
  • weakness in the body.

At the first sign it is important to ask formedical care, since in some cases a fatal outcome is possible. With first aid provided and taking drugs to eliminate toxins, recovery occurs within 3-4 days.

Treatment for poisoning

When poisoning with a poisonous fungus, the first thing to do isto call an ambulance. In this case, the patient is taken to the hospital for further hospitalization, and the remains of the fungi are taken for examination in the laboratory to determine the toxicity.

poisonous mushroom entoloma

The following poisoning assistance is provided in the hospital:

  1. Rinsing the stomach with a lot of warm,slightly salted water in order to remove the remnants of toxins from the body that have not yet absorbed into the blood or pass from the stomach into the intestines. For this, a large amount of water is drunk, and then vomiting is induced artificially, the procedure is repeated several times.
  2. The bowel is washed with an enema with a rehydrone or a small amount of table salt. The procedure is also repeated several times.
  3. Absorbents are given that neutralize the effect of fungal toxins.
  4. If diarrhea has not yet begun, the patient is given a laxative.
  5. When consuming a large number of poisonous mushrooms, inflammation of the gastric mucosa may begin. In this case, the patient is injected intravenously with a mixture of glucose and saline.
  6. Sometimes a blood transfusion may be required.

It is important to provide drinking regime with consumptiona large amount of mineral water for the removal of toxins naturally. In addition, after all the manipulations performed, a person will feel a strong thirst. Poisoning by poison entomology shows hospitalization for 2-4 days, depending on the severity of the condition.

First aid

Despite the fact that entomological poisoning is considerednot the most dangerous for life, you should call an ambulance. However, this is not always possible, as in rural areas there are often no cars for medical services. In this case, the person should be taken to the nearest hospital by himself, but first one must provide first aid. It consists in the following actions:

  • To accelerate the release of toxins naturally, you can use vaseline or vegetable oil, which provokes diarrhea. This is important if the first signs of poisoning are without diarrhea.
  • Rinse the stomach with plenty of warm water.
  • Give the patient activated charcoal.
  • If there is a chill, put the poisoned person in a warm place, wrap it with a blanket or blanket.

entomological poisonous description

  • In addition to simple water, the use of black tea without sugar is allowed. Milk and juices are strictly prohibited.

In any case, after first aid is provided, the patient should be taken to the toxicology department of the hospital in order to avoid a worsening of the situation.

Possible consequences

Even after timely medical care and recovery, some symptoms may appear for some time:

  • migraine;
  • indigestion disorder;
  • irritability;
  • a strong sense of thirst.

Most often they appear in children, because they have a small body weight, because of which the absorption of toxic substances occurs faster.

Mushroom twins

Entholoma is poisonous, the place of which is in the forest, and noton the dining table, there may be by chance. The fact is that the fungus is very similar to some edible species, because of what can be harvested by an inexperienced mushroom picker.

entomological poisonous place
On the entolomous poisonous are similar fungi, such as garden entoloma, podshennichnik, Mayakovka, smoky govorushka, rowing dove, mushroom ordinary.

Because of the inattention of mushroom pickers or the purchase of a poisonous mushroom under the guise of edible, about 10% of all food poisoning associated with the gifts of the forest is noted.