Where grow chanterelles and how to collect these wonderful mushrooms?

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Autumn is a sacred time for mushroom pickers whoevery weekend rush to "quiet hunt". Many newcomers do not know about where the chanterelles grow, which are almost never damaged by mushroom flies, are surprisingly tasty and contain a lot of useful substances. We will tell you where to find these amazing gifts of nature.

where chanterelles grow

Wherever chanterelles grow, most oftenmixed or strictly deciduous forests. However, these mushrooms occasionally grow in coniferous forests, but they are not found there as an example less often. The appearance of chanterelles is rather peculiar: the body is bright yellow or orange, the flesh is the same, and the cap is soft and wavy.

It should be noted that the platelets reach the base of the leg, which rarely is longer than five centimeters.

The younger the fungus, the fatter the cap is.If you see a cap of a strictly round shape, red-orange, then it's better to pass by. The fact is that such forms and colors are characteristic of a false chanterelle, which does not belong to the category of edible.

Occasionally collect gray varieties, conditionally fit for food. Generally, wherever chanterelles grow, one can often find almost all of their varieties, so it's necessary to be more attentive.

chanterelles mushrooms where grow
However, there is a positive feature in this:finding a pair of mushrooms, sit down and carefully inspect the area. It may be that you are surrounded by more than one hundred little "foxes." It will not hurt to untangle the leaves and moss, as mushrooms are often hidden in the forest litter.

Do not in any case turn them out of the ground,since this entails the destruction of the mycelium and the drop in the yield of the site in the future. It is necessary to cut them as carefully as possible at the very base, since in this case the mycelium will not be damaged, and at the same place there will be new mushrooms of chanterelles.

Where do the largest colonies grow?Try to go to more forested areas. The drier the year, the higher the likelihood of finding this red delicacy is there, as chanterelles love humidity. Unfortunately, they are extremely rare in pine forests. As we said, it is more likely to bring a full basket in a mixed forest.

By the way, where do the chanterelles grow in the suburbs?Experienced mushroom pickers advise paying attention to the forests located near the stations Chernaya and Lukhovitsy. They have an excellent moss lining, which the foxes love very much. In addition, on the green background, the orange pulp of mushrooms is even better seen.

where grow chanterelles in the suburbs
If a bilberry grows in some area in the forest, then you can pass by: for some reason, the chanterelles do not tolerate the neighborhood with the bilberries.

Of course, if you want to collect as much as possiblemore of these wonderful mushrooms, you need to consider the season and season. It is best to go to the forest in the early autumn, but everything depends on the rains and on their periodicity.

If they have grown, chanterellesdry and do not rot. When the moisture in the surrounding substrate is small, they just stop growing. That is why in the lowlands you can find huge, juicy and completely fresh mushrooms.

Having learned about where the chanterelles grow, you can start planning your trekking in the forest.