Clover pink: medicinal properties and methods of harvesting a useful plant

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The importance of medicinal herbs in folk medicinehard to overestimate. And this is not surprising: with the help of broths of herbs can strengthen immunity, cure a variety of diseases and improve the body. It is very important to know how useful properties, and contraindications, because herbs are also medicines. Surprising properties in curing many ailments are manifested by a pink clover, which is familiar to many, or, in a folk way, kashka. To effectively use it, you need to get to know this plant more closely.

clover pink

Appearance: how to recognize the clover?

The people also call the clover "shamrock" because offeatures of its appearance. The plant grows quite high - it can reach up to 50 centimeters in height. During flowering on the long stem, you can see flowers that consist of three petals and look like an oval head.

There are several varieties of clover,which differ in some characteristics of growth and reproduction, as well as the color of flowers. The most accessible for medical use are red, white and clover pink. Photos of this beautiful plant show how it looks during the flowering period.

What is in the composition? Why is the clover so useful?

Besides the incredible flavor and beautiful exteriora species that creates flowers of clover in meadows, this plant is popular with connoisseurs of folk medicine. This is due to the unique composition of the flowers, which, if properly processed, can become an indispensable medicament. For the treatment of folk remedies, all types of meadow clover are suitable: white, red and pink clover. The healing properties of plants of this species explains their chemical composition:

  • Vitamins of group A, B, PP, C, E, and also carotene.
  • Salicylic acid.
  • Essential oils.
  • Fatty acid.
  • Microelements: iron, nickel, chromium, magnesium and others.

clover pink properties

Thanks to this rich composition, pink clover is a unique folk medicine and is used for both internal and external use.

What to treat? Indications for admission of clover

Clover is widely used in folk andtraditional medicine. At home, infusions and decoctions are made from flowers, and in the industrial - biologically active additives, packaged teas and tablets.

One of the irreplaceable qualities of clover is itsantimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action. Therefore, the decoction of herbs, which is based on clover pink, - an indispensable tool for viral and colds.

Antiseptic properties of clover also allowuse a decoction of its flowers for external use in the form of solutions for rinses and lotions. It will be useful to treat various diseases of the throat and oral cavity, as well as to heal wounds and cuts.

Widely used in diseasesgastrointestinal tract clover pink: the properties of this plant can remove excess fluid from the body, improve the condition of the mucous membranes and circulatory system. Clover flowers also have a pronounced choleretic and diuretic effect.

pink clover medicinal properties

Where to find the clover and what is better: to collect by yourself or buy in a pharmacy?

Clover is a meadow plant that is prettyoften found in open areas, on the banks of rivers and lakes, and even along roads. For use in medicinal purposes, you can prepare the clover yourself, following simple rules:

  • Collect the plant you need at a time when it blooms. This time usually falls on the interval from May to September.
  • It is necessary to tear off whole flower heads together with the top leaves.
  • After harvesting the plant must be dried well. To do this, ensure a well-ventilated space without direct sunlight.
  • In the drying process, it is important not to overdo it and do not over-clover the clover. The pink color of the plant should fade a bit, but in no case will it darken.
  • After drying the flowers, they can be crushed, but can be stored as a whole. It is important to ensure a dry place of storage of the plant without access to bright light.

For those to whom the process of self-procurementit seems too complicated, there is a variant of buying ready dried flower plants in the pharmacy. Usually on the packaging it is written, in what region the clover was collected, and also the way of preparation of broths.

Health in moderation: what should be done with caution?

Herbal medicine refers to folk medicine, andmany mistakenly believe that this type of medicine can not be harmed. But this is not so: harmless herbal tea can cause irreparable harm to health if used incorrectly.

The properties of clover, of course, are invaluable in folk medicine. But there are a number of contraindications for the use of broths from this herb.

First of all, clover is not allowed for pregnant and lactating women. Because of its rich composition, this herb can have a negative impact on the future baby or baby.

Also, due to the influence on the circulatory system, the clover is contraindicated in people with cardiovascular diseases, thrombophlebitis, and with tumor processes in the active stage.

clover pink photo

Stop treatment with clover flowers is necessaryif any side effects occur, especially from the gastrointestinal tract. The appearance of excessive drowsiness, dizziness, diarrhea is an excuse for stopping the intake of medicinal herbs.

The best way to treat clover is toan appeal to a specialist in phytotherapy, a homeopath or a therapist. The doctor will be able to say for certain, in what dosage the herbs will only benefit and will not cause side effects.

Herbal treatment is a great alternativeexpensive medicine. But this method can not be approached irresponsibly: it is necessary to study all the properties of the selected herb and contraindications, and it is best to get a specialist's advice. Then herbal medicine will strengthen health and maintain it at a high level.