Hooded ring: description, distribution, taste

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The ring-shaped bell is the fungus of the familyWeb-based. This name he received for the presence on the leg of a rather wide yellowish-white film ring. In the people it is called in different ways: a chicken, rosite dull, a Turk, a basalt white.

The bell ring

A young ring-shaped bell has a silvery ormealy-white hat. Its edges are lowered downwards and slightly wrapped. Over time, it turns yellow, becomes flat-convex. The edges straighten, sometimes crack (with prolonged absence of rain). The hat covers the leg like a hood. The surface of it is slightly wrinkled, covered with a fibrous deposit with a pearl ebb. In diameter, it reaches 15 cm. The ring-shaped cap has a white, watery pulp, which almost lacks a mushroom smell. In the young fungus the plates are not the same, rare and white, but eventually they become rusty-brown. This is a characteristic feature of the old specimen.

The bell-shaped ring photo
Mushroom ringed cap has a strong legcylindrical shape. It is thickened at the base, dense and solid. The surface of the foot is fibrous-silky. Its diameter is no more than 3 cm, and the length is 4-12 cm. Above the ring the leg is covered with scales, flakes and has a yellow color. Under the ring, it is a light ocher shade. Closer to the bottom are the remains of a common veil of violet. Spore powder has a buffy, rusty-brown hue.

Habitat and distribution

Most often, the ring-shaped bellows forms mycorrhizaswith coniferous trees. From leafy he prefers beeches, oaks and birches. In the middle zone of the Russian Federation, the fungus is found in coniferous forests, where a lot of moss grows. Mixed and pine forests are preferable for him. In the northern regions, the ringed cap can be found under dwarf birches. This mushroom prefers acidic and moist soils. He feels great in the mountains at an altitude of 2 km. White-tailed animals, as a rule, grow compact in small groups. The fungus is also common in Belarus and some European countries. It grows in Russia. Most common in the western and central regions of the European part. Residents of these places can "hunt" for a ringed ring. You can see photos of this fungus in this article. They collect it from July to early October.

Mushroom ringed

Culinary use and taste

The bell-shaped bell is edible and deliciousa mushroom that can be cooked in various ways. It is marinated, fried, salted, brewed. By taste, he is in no way inferior to champignons. In many Western European countries these mushrooms are considered a great delicacy. Naturally, the most delicious are the young ringed caps. However, if an old specimen is caught, the hardened places and the leg can be cut. The most delicious this mushroom in a stewed and fried form. He is considered to be the fourth category of edibility.


A cap of annular inexperienced mushroom pickers can be confusedwith fly agarics and pale toadstool. From them, the fungus is distinguished by the presence on the hat of mealy fibrous plaque, the lack of scales, and brown or brown-rusty plates in older specimens. In fly agarics and pale toadstool, they always remain white.