Gorchak: what kind of a mushroom is and can it be eaten?

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This fungus quite often occurs in the middle latitudes of our country, it is called the bile fungus, but the people also use its other name - gorchak.

gorchak what is it
What is it and what does this fungus look like, for sureknow experienced mushroom pickers, but lovers should be careful, because the bitter is often confused with white fungus, poderezozikovom and furovikom. There are many controversial versions about whether this mushroom is dangerous. But on the question of whether the gall mushroom is edible, it is possible to answer unequivocally: no, since it has a terrible bitterness and even a small piece of it can spoil the taste of the whole dish. Probably because of this property he was called a bitter.

Gall mushroom (gorchak): a description

This fungus can meet in any area of ​​ourcountries between June and October. The bile fungus can grow both in groups and singly, most often occurs near coniferous forests, where trees are rare and many fallen pine needles. There is an opinion about the bitter fungus that is a double of a white fungus.

And this is actually so, because he looks very much on the outsideit looks like a thick, strong and fleshy leg, on top it is fibrous, dark brown or brown. His hat on the inside looks like a sponge, top covered with a porous dense layer. The spongy part has a pinkish hue and is very bitter in taste. Outside the mushroom cap is covered with a thin film, it is dense and with the growth of the fungus it can change its color from pale to dark brown.

How to distinguish bitter from edible mushrooms?

What kind of mushroom is it and how does it look, we are alreadyfigured out, now we'll try to find out the distinctive features of the bitter. How not to confuse him with a white fungus or a poderezozovikom? Perhaps the most important difference of the bile fungus is the coloring of its cap from the inside. It is spongy and has a pink tinge. If such a mushroom is cut off, the leg will quickly darken and become brown. Another important feature of the bile fungus is that no insects ever harm it. For beginners mushroom pickers and amateurs it makes very attractive mushrooms mushrooms.

mushroom bitter
The photos presented here confirm this. The bile fungus is really beautiful, but it should not be taken. After all, as already mentioned, even a small piece of bitter can spoil the whole dish.

Can I get poisoned with bitter?

The opinion of scientists is at variance with the fungus gorchak. That this is inedible, but not poisonous mushroom - consider Russian biologists. In their opinion, the use of bile fungus in food is impossible only because of its bitter taste. Foreign scientists believe that the pulp of this fungus contains toxic substances that have a harmful effect on liver cells. If this mushroom has got into the human body, then it can cause dizziness and weakness. A few weeks later, another sign of poisoning - the secretion of bile may appear. It is believed that after ingestion of bile fungus, even the development of liver cirrhosis is possible. If you get this mushroom, think about whether to take it and risk your health. Despite the fact that it is beautiful and looks quite like a real white mushroom, even insects and animals do not rush to eat a bitter, and probably not in vain.