Mushroom twins are dangerous forest gifts

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White, chanterelles, honey agarics, mushrooms, russula ...Russian forests can boast an abundance of various mushrooms. The variety of their species just leads to severe poisonings, reports of which with the beginning of each mushroom season appear in the media. Going to the "quiet hunt", it will not be superfluous to recall what the mushroom twins look like, what they differ from the representatives of the realm of wildlife, which are so desirable in our basket. After all, awareness is a reliable way to avoid the severe consequences of poisoning with "improper" gifts of the forest.

There are no fungi more toxic than paletoadstools - insidious twins mushrooms russules and mushrooms. Many people think that a pale toadstool with its appearance should resemble something foul-smelling, fragile and subtle. In fact, the appearance of this poisonous fungus inspires confidence: a large, rather fleshy fruit with a "skirt" on the leg and a good smell. At a young age the grebe is reminiscent of an egg with an oblong form. Color hats - white, yellowish-olive or light green. This species of mushrooms can be found from June to October in both coniferous and deciduous forests. The result of tasting a pale toadstool is usually a lethal outcome. And the symptoms of poisoning manifest themselves only after a day and quickly pass. On the 7-10th day a person dies from acute renal or hepatic insufficiency.

mushroom twins

Often dangerous mushroom twins have an incrediblesimilarity with their edible "twins". So, bile fungus, which from mid-summer to September is found in coniferous forests, is easily confused with white. Experienced mushroom pickers define a bile fungus along a white tubular layer, pinking flesh and bitterness. This mushroom is not poisonous. At the same time, it is inedible. If he happens to be in a cooked dish, the bitter taste of food will not be corrected.

dangerous mushroom twins

Satanic is less like white than biliousmushroom, however, and he sometimes finds himself on the dining table. A dangerous and poisonous mushroom can be identified by the flesh. At the satanic mushroom it is yellowish in color, on the cut turns blue or slightly reddens.

insidious twins of mushrooms

There are twins of fungi, known as ordinaryhoney agarics. False fescue, growing in large groups on decaying wood, has several species. The most dangerous are two such: sulfur-yellow and brick-red false honey agarics. It is important to be able to distinguish between poisonous and edible spruce, for which it is sufficient to look closely at the characteristic color of the cap and the absence of scales on it. On the leg of a poisonous gusher there is no ringlet "skirt". If a pleasant, typical mushroom smell emanates from the present day, then the false smells are unpleasant.

false firearms

Mushroom twins, very similar to chanterelles,are considered conditionally edible. They are also called chanterelles, only false. To meet orange-red mushrooms with hats, wrapped funnel, you can on stumps and trunks of coniferous trees.

false chanterelle

Mushroom pickers collect forest gifts to extract fromtheir undoubted health benefits. But almost all edible mushrooms have their antipodes, which if not prove to be deadly poisonous, are unsuitable for eating. You can save yourself from many troubles, which are delivered by twins of edible mushrooms, if you bypass the dubious and send to the basket only those mushrooms, in which there is confidence 100 percent.