Proposal with the phraseology "brew porridge." The meaning of expression


A sentence with a phraseology "brewing porridge" is not quite what you should start with. First of all, we need to determine the meaning of phraseology, and then we will take examples.


sentence with a phraseology

"To make porridge" - to create by oneself verya difficult situation, from which it is difficult to get out. It is important for a person to take responsibility for what is happening to him. For example, there is a phraseology "get into the binding". The last expression says: a person is not guilty of the misfortunes that are happening to him, he is a toy in the hands of fate. The phraseological "get into the binder" can be replaced by the banal phrase "so happened".

The expression "Brew porridge", on the contrary, states: the person himself creates the situation, which in the end suffers. The meaning of the saying is important to understand. Especially if the task is to write a sentence with phraseology "brew porridge." Let us turn to examples.

The conversation between father and son about the incident at school

come up with a sentence with a phraseology to brew porridge

In the school there can be different events. Often pupils in a fist fight find out the relationship between themselves. Someone wins, and someone loses, gets bruises, bruises, maybe sacrifices his teeth. Of course, it is honorable to win in a fair fight, but sometimes triumph promises non-illusory problems. One fighter comes home, and there he meets a strict father.

- Paul's parents called me! Why did you shoot his eye? They are now threatening us with judgment!

- Dad, but he was the first to start! He called himself names. When I asked him to stop, Pashka did not stop. He was clearly running up!

- I do not care. You will go to him and his parents tonight and ask for forgiveness.

"But dad, it's humiliating!"

- I said! You know, I've made porridge? Now you'll clear up! Or do you want these people to go to the police, take off the beatings and file a lawsuit against us?

"All right, Dad, I'll go and apologize."

The sentence with the phraseology "brew porridge", cited above, clearly demonstrates the meaning of the expression.

The antonym

brew an anonymous phraseology

If you digress from linguistics and think aboutcookery, then we can easily find the opposite of brewing (cooking) porridge action. Of course, this is eating or choking. In general, porridge as a hero of phraseological turns is inconceivable without two actions - cooking and eating. The reader will immediately understand what is meant.

In cooking people, as a rule, cook not onlyfor yourself, but for others - relatives or friends. When it comes to porridge as a symbol, then the person must do everything himself: and brew and raspblebat. There is nothing to be done, such rules not only language, but also life.

All this must be taken into account if the reader decides to write a proposal independently with the phraseology "brew porridge".

Film masterpiece and phraseology

There are few people who would not watch the film"The Caucasian Captive, or Shurik's New Adventures." There's an episode. Nina was already stolen, as you know, this event happened with the direct participation of the protagonist. When Shurik opens the truth, he exclaims in despair: "There will be no weddings. I stole it! I'll return it! ". I could say: "There will be no wedding! I made porridge, I have to clear it up! ". Using well-known material, they carried out a task that can be formulated as follows: "to come up with an offer with a phraseology to brew porridge."

The moral of the expression is uncomplicated: if a person finds himself in a quandary, let him have the courage to cope with emotions and find a way out. In addition, an independent mess of porridge allows a person to grow above himself and improve morally and morally.

Folk wisdom is good because her thoughtsare experienced by time. It finds understanding among many people, regardless of the level of education, social group, because in short phrases the vital truth is embodied, which is confirmed by everyday practice.

So, we made sentences with the expression«To make a mess». An anonymous phraseology was also presented to the attention of the reader. We remind you, to brew and disentangle porridge - these are two processes that can not be separated.