Alexander Bogatyrev: life and creative path

Publications and Writing Articles

After graduating from the Faculty of Philology, BogatyrevAlexander Vladimirovich showed himself in many areas of writing and directing. He received several high awards in journalism. For his life Bogatyrev traveled a lot, which undoubtedly affected his creative path.

Alexander Bogatyrev

The beginning of the creative path

Bogatyrev Alexander graduated from St. Petersburguniversity, studying at the Faculty of Philology. At first, in order to feed himself, he worked as a watchman. Then he began to teach English in one of the schools, and afterwards in the library technical school. True, the teaching activity did not last long. All his free time Alexander Bogatyrev gave creativity.

Even in his student years, he began writing scripts,stories and short plays, carried away translations. His works he read at meetings of nonconformist artists in St. Petersburg and Moscow. His play "Edelweiss" wanted to put four theaters of Petersburg, but the Soviet strict censorship did not allow it to be done. For the same reason, Alexander Bogatyrev was unable to make the film "I'm Back, Father" for a paid scenario.


While working in the journal "Literary Studies"Alexander Bogatyrev went on a business trip to hot Tajikistan. There he became acquainted with the color of life of local people, made acquaintances with writers, created a script for the Tajik studio. At the same time, Alexander began to translate.

After he went to the north of an immense homeland,To collect material for new scenarios. For two years, from 1985 to 1986, Alexander Bogatyrev traveled from Vologda to Arkhangelsk. Stops were committed in villages where the script writer communicated with the local population. He recognized the surrounding world from within, recognized the people, their way of life, way of life and character. A couple of years after the script Bogatyrev well-known at the time, the director Alexander Sidelnikov made a documentary film "Transfiguration."

Bogatyrev alexander

Long enough to travelwriter. After wandering around Siberia, four documentary films were shot. A trip to Western countries gave the film "About Russia with Love", which was shot in France, namely in Paris.

Alexander Bogatyrev often traveled to Abkhazia andGeorgia, where he visited a considerable number of parishes and monasteries. Now the writer lives in St. Petersburg, then in Sochi, but in his heart he dreams of living in a quiet town or village, far from the hustle and bustle.

Life in the village

After numerous trips to AlexanderI wanted to go to the countryside for permanent residence. In 1986, the writer's family settled in the village of Berezaika in the Tver region. There they lived for a little more than ten years, until both daughters graduated from school. Then they moved the whole family to St. Petersburg.

Village life very much brought the author closerlive stories about the common people to the "Russian world." Alexander Bogatyrev turned from a sarcastic Westerner into a common man with a Russian open mind.

About the book of short stories "The bucket of forget-me-nots"

Without a twinge of conscience we can say that "Leskovof our time "is Alexander Bogatyrev.The books are read with great interest, because the story line is unpredictable in them.His stories about the approach to problems and style of presentation resemble the work" Trivia of the Hierarchical Life. "They also have village priests, vivid images of parishioners , fools and wanderers around the world.Only unlike Leskov's stories, Bogatyrev's actions take place all over the world: Siberia, the Russian outback, the capital, Tbilisi, Abkhazia, America, Sochi, Estonia.

Alexander manages to see in people special,unique. Narrative in the stories is very lively, reading, you can cry and laugh in your voice. The narrator can fool around, like local villagers on a bench, and can immerse themselves in deep thoughts and amaze with remarks and reflections on what is happening in life. The book recreates the image of the era through a series of unique images. The author writes about the Soviet era, about the dashing 90s, and also about the "stagnant" 80s.

Alexander Bogatyrev


Alexander collaborated with the film studio"Lennauchfilm", as well as writing scripts for the St. Petersburg documentary film studio, since 1983. It was shot more than 30 films by its author scenarios. Since 1992, he has been shooting documentaries, acting as a screenwriter and director.

At the same time, he writes articles on historical,actual social and political topics. Most of all, Bogatyrev pays attention to church Orthodox themes. In 2004, at the Christmas readings in Moscow, he was awarded recognition as the best journalist of the year. To date, he is a regular author and laureate of the literary prize of the Russian Binder. Alexander was awarded the title of "Golden Pen", in this nomination participated authors from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

 Alexandra Bogatyrev photo

For more than a decade, the writer was a member of the jurythe Radonezh Film Festival. He is often invited to other festivals. Now his stories are published on the websites of "Orthodoxy" and "Radonezh". In the environment of the film industry and publishing houses, many know Alexander Bogatyrev. Photo from the presentation of Bogatyrev's collection "Bucket of forget-me-nots" once again speaks about the importance of the author, about the readers' interest in his work.