Popular decoctions for weight loss based on herbs

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To date, there is a hugethe number of all kinds of drugs, taking that you can achieve the effect of losing weight, but many women (however, men are also no exception) still prefer natural remedies, rather than chemically synthesized. Therefore, now very popular is the decoction of herbs for weight loss, which are not only an excellent method of getting rid of excess weight, but also have a lot of useful properties. They are rich in vitamins, trace elements and other useful substances, which are so necessary for any organism, and especially for losing weight.

Taking decoctions for weight loss based on herbs andherbal collections, should adhere to the principle of expediency and complexity. After all, only decoctions the problem of weight loss is not solved, it is necessary to follow a certain low-calorie diet. And herbal decoctions will only help to solve additional problems, for example, reduce appetite, stimulate metabolic processes and supplement mono-diet with missing microelements and vitamins.

Traditionally in the practice of weight reduction, decoctions for weight loss are used based on the following herbs:

  • flax seed, angelica officinalis, althaea root, algal spirulina, fuscus bubbly - have the ability to reduce appetite and dull the feeling of hunger;
  • dill, fennel, parsley, anise - normalize the work of the entire digestive system;
  • nettle, elderberry flowers, mother-and-stepmother's grass, birch leaves, turmeric, ginger, rosemary - normalize metabolic processes of the body;
  • barberry, volnushka, common linseed, horsetailfield, tansy, blackbird, dandelion, corn stigmas, immortelle, Goose's goatee, cranberry leaves, bear ears, burdock - have a choleretic and diuretic effect;
  • anise ordinary, camomile chamomile, caraway seeds, buckthorn bark, dill fragrant, laxative sorrel, yarrow - have a mild laxative effect, are designed to remove from the body slags;
  • leaves of nettle, raspberry, cowberry, black currant, dog rose, mountain ash - enrich the body with vitamins;
  • Jerusalem artichoke, medicinal herbal medicine, Lespedec,nettle nettle, leaves and fruits of blackberry, lemon balm, strawberry, ginseng, bean leaves, leaves and bilberry shoots - effectively reduce blood sugar levels;
  • hawthorn, calendula, chamomile, motherwort, valerian, melissa - have a pronounced soothing effect.

People who are obese and have problems withdigestion, it is recommended to use a decoction of wild rose, which combines well with ginger tea. Their joint application acts on the body as a cleansing enema, relieving it of toxins, toxins, excess fluid and accumulation of stool in the intestine. Reception of broth promotes normalization of metabolic processes and activation of digestive enzyme production. Excess weight with regular use of broth briar leaves slowly, but hated pounds are never returned. Contraindications to the use of the decoction is diabetes mellitus. In addition, rosehip can cause allergic reactions.

Virtually all decoctions for weight loss are prepared byone scheme: 1 large spoonful of collection or herbs should be filled with 200 milliliters (a glass) of boiling water and brought to the preparedness in a water bath under the lid for about 15-20 minutes. Decoction cool, drain, squeeze the raw materials, and then dilute another glass of boiled cold water. Take the received drug 2-3 times a day for half an hour before the main meal by a third of the glass.

Like any other medicinal product, brothsfor weight loss have contraindications to use, so before using, you must carefully read the instructions (and in case of any problems with health also consult with your doctor).