Treatment with agaric joints - an ancient reliable method


Amanita is the most famous and easily identifiablepoisonous mushroom. But any poison in a small dose can be a medicine. Large ungulates eat fly agaric to get rid of parasites in the intestines. And folk medicine actively uses the "sinister" fungus in its practice. It is used in the fight against lung diseases, stomach and intestinal problems, skin lesions, mental disorders and male potency. Effective is the treatment of fly agarics and diabetes mellitus. It is recommended to use this fungus to treat leukemia and cancers in the early stages.

fly agaric treatment

The main condition of fly agaric treatment is strictcompliance with dosage. And if you decided to resort to such a recipe for folk medicine, remember: only hats are going to work! And rotten ingredients are prohibited categorically.

Of all the ways to use fly agaric, in order tohealth improvement is the safest treatment with fly agaric joints - yet in this case it is not necessary to drink its derivatives - external application. There are several options for using the fungus, but they all boil down to compresses and rubbing.

fly agar treatment for joints

Treatment of agaric joints with rheumatism andpolyarthritis involves, for example, grinding a mushroom with sour cream in a ratio of 1: 1 and applying on a gauze or napkin to the affected area. It is desirable to use this mixture fresh.

For some other diseases, for example,arthrosis and arthritis, more effective treatment of joints with tincture of mushroom. For her several pieces of hats are kept for a couple of days in the dark at a temperature of 18-20aboutC, finely cut and folded into a glassdishes. The level of poured vodka should be 1 cm above the hats. The bank is closed and stored in a cool place for 2 weeks; the contents should be shaken periodically. Ready tincture is filtered, and it lubricates unhealthy joints.

A slightly different tincture is prepared for othersdiseases, although the main thing here is the fly agaric. Treatment of joints affected by radiculitis or rheumatism is performed with a preparation from one mushroom cap, again finely chopped and infused in a half liter of alcohol for a month at normal temperature. The result - a dense mass, like a jelly - rubbed into sore spots.

You can combine rubbing with steaming. Such treatment with fly agarics will be even more effective. 3-4 hats (naturally, crushed), poured boiling water in a suitable basin, and all this is used to warm up the sick hands-feet. The resulting gruel can also be used for grinding.

treatment of joints with tincture of mushrooms

Another recipe for joints: crushed caps put under the press and withstand under it a few days in the dark. When the juice appears, the fly agarics are rubbed together with it to a semi-liquid state. Then on the joint is put a thick layer of gauze, on top - the resulting gruel, then - polyethylene. And this compress is left overnight.

Finally, a few tips. Whatever means you can cook from fly agarics, utensils should be either glass or ceramic. Second: when using mushrooms, use disposable gloves. Third: after removing the compresses or absorbing rubbing, the skin on which the preparations are exposed should be thoroughly rinsed.