Instructions for the use of "Piracetam". Basic information


Instructions for use of Piracetamcharacterizes the drug as nootropic, acting directly on the brain means. The medication contributes to the improvement of cognitive (cognitive) processes: the ability to learn, attention, memory, mental performance. The drug has an effect, affecting the central nervous system in many ways. Thus, for example, by changing the rate of distribution of excitation in the brain, metabolic processes in nerve cells are enhanced, microcirculation is increased, rheological characteristics of blood are improved.

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In this case, the drug does not have vasodilatinginfluence. In treatment (instruction on the use of "Piracetam" points to this) there is an improvement in the connection between the hemispheres and synaptic conductivity in neocortical structures. The agent inhibits platelet aggregation, restores the configuration properties in the outer membrane of rigid red blood cells, reduces the duration and severity of the nystagmus of the vestibular type.


Medication (instruction on the use of "Piracetam"contains such information) is recommended to adults as a symptomatic treatment of psycho-organic syndrome, complicated by memory impairment, decreased activity, concentration, attention, mood changes, gait disorders, behavior. Indications include vertigo (dizziness) and related disturbances in equilibrium, except dizziness of the psychogenic and vasomotor type.

instruction on the use of piracetam
The medicine "Piracetam" is prescribed (instruction onuse, reviews indicate this) in combination with other drugs or as a monotherapy in the treatment of cortical myoclonia. The indications include a sickle-cell vasoocclusion crisis. For children, medication is recommended for dyslexia. The drug is prescribed from the age of eight. Indications also include manifestations of sickle-cell vaso-occlusive crisis.

Dosage regimen

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Instructions for use "Piracetam" recommendsbegin treatment with parenteral administration (drip, intravenous, jet). With psycho-organic syndrome, 4.8 g is prescribed for the first week. Subsequently, they switch to maintenance treatment - 1.2-2.4 g. For dizziness accompanied by equilibria, 2.4-4.8 g is prescribed. For cortical myoclonia, the initial dosage is 7.2 g. With an interval of three to four days, the dosage is increased by 4.8 g to a maximum of 24 g Treatment continues throughout the period of the pathology. It is recommended to try every half a year to reduce the amount of medicine or cancel the drug, reducing the dose gradually every two days by 1.2 g. In the case of a slight therapeutic effect or in its absence, use is stopped. In the case of acute or severe conditions, therapy with parenteral administration is initiated, followed by (after alleviation) a transition to oral administration. The agent "Piracetam" (capsules) recommends the use of the instruction in accordance with the nature of the pathology personally.