Choosing a good time to conceive a child


In the life of each family, sooner or later comesthe moment when both spouses begin to dream of children. And in order for the news of pregnancy not to be taken by surprise, by this moment it is necessary to approach with all responsibility, having chosen the best time for conception of the child.

If we talk about the age of women, the optimalthere will be a period from 21 to 27 years. By this moment the reproductive system is already fully formed, the hormonal background is stable, and the body is young and full of strength. This is the best time to conceive a child. However, this does not mean that after 28 years a woman has no chance of becoming a mother. Later motherhood, of course, is fraught with various complications, but not always.

optimal time for conception

It is believed that the time of year also playsa certain role in the course of the entire pregnancy. There is an opinion that the optimal time for conception of a child is the last months of summer and the beginning of autumn. A lot of sun, the presence of fresh vegetables and fruits (and hence vitamins), a good mood, the absence of epidemics - all this has the most favorable effect on the health of a couple dreaming of a child, and significantly increases the chances of successful conception. But in the beginning of spring, it is extremely undesirable to become pregnant, since during the winter the body weakens and becomes tired.

A good time to conceive a child is right afterleave. Because before him or during pregnancy it is better to abstain. Since changing belts, flights, outdoor activities, extreme entertainment, alcohol and sleepless nights can adversely affect the development of the fetus. But already on arrival, rested and happy husband and wife can start planning a baby with a calm heart.

With regard to the very preparation for pregnancy, it is as follows:

  • how to determine the time of conception
    First you need to get a "good" from the doctor - hand over smears, tests for STIs, do an ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs and exclude possible health problems.
  • At least three months before the planned conception, one should exclude the use of strong spirits and quit smoking and drugs.
  • It is necessary to limit the intake of too fatty and salty foods.
  • If possible, you must follow a healthy lifestyle and walk outdoors.
  • It will be useful to limit the communication with unpleasant people and the absence of stress.
  • Do not damage the intake of folic acid and vitamin E.

A woman can follow her feelings inthe course of its menstrual cycle, since it is also possible to determine the time of conception by indirect evidence. So, with the ideal cycle (28 days), ovulation occurs on the 13-15 day after the onset of menstruation. This is the best time to conceive a child. It should be borne in mind that spermatozoa are able to survive in a woman for up to seven days, but the viability of the egg remains for a day. The approach of ovulation to a woman may be hinted at church discharge, reminiscent of egg white, as well as mild pains in the lower abdomen.

a good time to conceive a child

You can plan the time of year, the sign of the Zodiac and even the sex of the child. But, believe me, whatever your plans and desires, the kid will choose when to come to your life.