Unique medicinal properties of aloe: recipes of application


Aloe is an evergreen plant withmiraculous healing properties. The spiny flower is cultivated everywhere, it is not easy to clean, so it is planted even on the windowsills. Fruiting scarlet yellow flowers and is not only a valuable medicinal plant, but also a beautiful indoor flower, pleasantly pleasing to the eye. The healing properties of aloe are known since ancient times. Widely used flower in folk and traditional medicine.

medicinal properties aloe

From the transparent jelly, which is in the plant,make medicinal preparations. It is also used in cosmetology. The healing properties of aloe are effective in the treatment of many diseases: burns, wounds, hemorrhoids, constipation. Ancient philosophers and healers wrote scientific treatises on the benefits of this flower. In the old chronicles it is said about the powerful healing properties of the plant - Cleopatra herself used a gel based on aloe for cosmetic purposes, so that the skin was velvety and young.

Historically,centuries used scarlet. The healing properties of plants help to relieve a person from indigestion, migraine, eliminate abscesses, insomnia and acne. In small doses of aloe hones judiciousness, helps with ulcers, purulent lesions of the eyes and mouth. In addition, the remedy protects against bites of poisonous insects, ultraviolet radiation, cuts, allergies and other ailments.

scarlet medicinal properties

The healing properties of scarlet are not limited toexternal use, juice and decoctions are applied inside. For the treatment and prevention of gastrointestinal diseases use infusions from the plant. Traditional medicine recommends preparing a drink from fresh leaves for headaches, neuralgia and poor digestion. If the menstrual cycle is disturbed, take 10 drops of juice daily.

Chemical composition of aloe

The leaves contain specific substances,which have high therapeutic efficacy. The plant is rich in resinous and mineral elements, essential oils, organic compounds. In the protein plant 18 valuable amino acids and a number of vitamins: A, B, C, E.

The healing properties of aloe have a laxative,bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and analgesic actions. Scientists have proved that the plant is capable of destroying malignant viruses and bacteria that have a harmful effect on the body. Included in the chemical composition vitamins B1, B2, B6, choline and niacin allow normalize metabolic processes and improve immunity. As you can see, the unique has a scarlet medicinal properties.

scarlet medicinal properties recipes

Recipes of medicinal preparations

  1. With chronic constipation and gastritis fresh juice will help. Squeeze a dessert spoonful of juice from a leaf and drink before eating. Do this three times a day.
  2. With phlegmon, pustular skin diseases, wounds, burns make lotions or irrigation plant juice.
  3. With atony, ulcers, catarrh, intestinal dyspepsiaprepare decoctions of leaves: take 150 grams of crushed raw materials, mix with honey (100 g) and hold the mass for 3 days in a dark place. Then add a glass of red wine to the mixture and insist another day. Take inside on a tablespoon 3 times a day before eating.

Do not increase the dosage, since the medicinal plant can be detrimental to health.