Medication "Herbion". Instructions for use


Medication Gerbion, instructions for usewhich indicates that it is an expectorant, has also anti-inflammatory, as well as antimicrobial effect, contributing to a decrease in viscosity and better output of sputum from the bronchi.

herbion from a dry cough instruction

A drug "Herbion". Instructions for use. Appointment

The drug helps in case of inflammation of the respiratorysystem complicated by difficultly separated sputum. Prescribe a medication "Gerbion" from a dry cough (the instruction for use confirms this information). In particular, the remedy for tracheobronchitis, bronchitis and tracheitis is recommended.

The drug "Herbion". Instructions for use. Contraindications

It is not recommended for children who have undergoneacute laryngitis of obstructive type. Do not give this drug to babies until two years. The drug "Gerbion" (syrup), the instruction for use warns of this, it is not prescribed for diabetes (sugar), for bronchial asthma and for hypersensitivity to the components of the drug. Contraindications include fructose intolerance of hereditary type, malabsorption syndrome. It is not recommended to carry out treatment during pregnancy or lactation due to insufficient knowledge of drug safety.

The drug "Herbion". Instructions for use. Side effect

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When using this drug is likelymanifestation of allergic reactions. In some cases, nausea, diarrhea, or vomiting is possible. If these and other negative consequences occur, you must stop treatment and visit a doctor.

Dosing regimen

Medication "Gerbion" is recommended to takeadults three spoons three times, four times a day. Patients from two to five years - half the spoon three times, from five to fourteen years - 1 spoonful three times, from fourteen years - two spoons three times-four times a day. The duration of treatment is two to three weeks. An increase in the duration of admission or repeated courses is allowed after consultation with a doctor.

additional information

herbion user manual
In practice, cases of poisoning are not describedmedicine. In case of overdose, the intensity of adverse events is theoretically increased, gastrointestinal disorders, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting are likely. Therapy is prescribed according to the symptoms. The medication does not affect the ability of patients to concentrate and manage transport. In this regard, he can be assigned to people of any profession. Do not use the drug "Herbion" at the same time with antitussive drugs that reduce the production of sputum. This can provoke difficulty in removing mucus from the bronchi. The product has a specific smell and has a brown color. During storage, a slight change in shade, a small precipitate or a smell is likely to occur. These deviations from the standard are not clinically important and do not affect the therapeutic effectiveness of the drug. When the appointment should be taken into account the presence of sucrose. The medicine should be kept away from children, in a dark and cool place. After the expiration date the medicine should not be used. It is better to take the remedy on the recommendation of a specialist.