Symptoms and treatment of conjunctivitis in children


A very common disease in childrenis conjunctivitis. There is a pathology due to the child's hypothermia, cold, and allergic reactions. The disease is characterized by inflammatory processes of the conjunctiva of the eyes and is accompanied by an unpleasant treatment for the child.

treatment of conjunctivitis in children

Symptoms of pathology are determined quite the samejust. In this case, the signs of the disease in adults and in children are the same, only the reaction of babies is more violent and painful. As a rule, children become restless and sluggish. They are capricious and often cry. The main manifestations of conjunctivitis are the following:

  • puffiness of the eyes and their redness;
  • fear of light;
  • the appearance on the eyelids of yellow crusts;
  • tear;
  • gluing eyelids after sleep;
  • deterioration of sleep and appetite;
  • allocation of pus from the eyes.

Older children complain about blurring and poor eyesight. They suffer discomfort burning sensation in the eyes and a sense of foreign body in them.

conjunctivitis in children

If you explicitly indicated that there was conjunctivitis inchildren, symptoms, treatment should appoint a doctor, to which you need to seek advice. The course of therapy will depend on the type of pathogen. In addition, the ophthalmologist will determine the causes of inflammation, which can be caused by a cilium that has fallen into the eye, or reactions to any stimulus, and do not require specific treatment. The specialist will check the intracranial and ocular pressure, the increase of which can also cause inflammation.

Treatment of conjunctivitis in a child on the first daymanifestations of pathology consists in the periodic rinsing of the eye with a solution of furacilin or chamomile. This procedure is carried out every two hours. The direction of the movements must necessarily be to the nose from the temple. In the following days, washing can be reduced up to three times a day. When forming crusts, they should be removed. A cotton disc is used. Parents should be aware that the treatment of conjunctivitis in a child in the presence of an inflammatory process in one eye should be performed on both. This is necessary to prevent infection in the healthy body of sight.

conjunctivitis in children

In the event that there is a conjunctivitis ychildren, treatment (drugs can also be prescribed) recommended by a doctor. An ophthalmologist, as a rule, prescribes disinfectants. These drugs must be instilled at the initial stage of the pathology every three hours. For babies a ten percent solution of the drug "Albucid" is used. Older children are recommended the following remedies: "Levomycetin", "Kolbiotsin", "Futsitalmik", "Vitabakt" or "Eubital". Treatment of conjunctivitis in a child can take place with the use of ophthalmic ointments (erythromycin or tetracycline). These funds should be imposed on the lower eyelid.

Treatment of conjunctivitis in a child, if itproduced correctly and in a timely manner, gives excellent results. The ailment passes quickly enough. However, parents should not self-medicate, risking the health of the baby. Only a doctor, after conducting an examination and laboratory tests, will be able to establish the causative agent of the disease and prescribe the necessary course of therapy.