How to stop the menstruation, if they have already begun: folk remedies and pharmaceuticals


Menstruation is a natural phenomenon in the life of eachwomen. Regular menstrual discharge indicates the health of the woman and the absence of any pathologies or unwanted pregnancies. Sometimes menstruation lasts too long and abundantly, which negatively affects the general condition and health. Therefore, girls periodically ask themselves how to stop the menstruation, if they have already begun.

how to stop the monthly if they have already begun

When to stop menstruation

If the cycle is regular and no selections are mademuch discomfort, there is no need to take pharmacies or folk remedies for stopping menstruation. This becomes necessary if changes occur that bring a strong discomfort to a woman and pose a health hazard.

Allocations become lengthy and abundant - inthe first day of menstrual discharge is always abundant enough, if it lasts more than 5 days, and earlier such a course of menstruation was not observed, it is necessary to visit a doctor urgently. He will select effective therapy and tell you how to stop the menstruation, if they have already begun.

how to stop menstruation if they go for a long time

Should you resort to stopping menstruation

Even teenage girls know that regularmenstruation is a sign of the health of the female body. You can not often resort to methods of stopping secretions, as this is fraught with not only a violation of the cycle, but also can cause serious diseases of the sexual sphere.

In isolated cases, when circumstancesreally require a quick end of menstruation, you can use certain drugs, but only after consulting with a gynecologist, who will tell you how to stop the monthly if they go for a long time.

Abundant and long-term discharge bring the bodyto nervous exhaustion and cause anemia. This condition develops when the volume of secretions exceeds 50-150 ml per day. If profusion comes after strong physical exertion, it is better to refuse to exercise or significantly reduce its activity for the period of menstruation.

What drugs are used to stop menstruation

Pills that stop menstruation, you canUse only as directed by the physician. They are artificially synthesized vitamins that regulate the duration and abundance of menstrual flow.

Now there are many drugs, each of which has a specific effect on the body. Their main task is to reduce the intensity of menstrual flow.

Important! Only a gynecologist can explain how to stop the monthly if they go for a long time. You must also carefully observe the prescribed dosage of the drug.

how to stop menstruation at home

Depending on the form (tablets or injections)drugs have a different effect on changes in hormonal levels. With the introduction of injections, the agent acts much faster and its dosage is less than when taking tablets.

Vikasol for stopping menstruation

"Vikasol" is an artificialsynthesized vitamin K. When the drug is consumed in the body, the level of prothrombin increases, blood coagulability is normalized, as a result of which the menstrual flow becomes less plentiful.

The main cause of long and intensedischarge is a deficiency in the body of vitamin K. Only a gynecologist can assign "Vikasol" after conducting a patient survey and necessary laboratory tests.

how to quickly stop the monthly

Despite the fact that "Vikasol" stopsmonthly, do not often resort to taking medication. It is better to make a balanced diet, thanks to which the body will receive the necessary vitamins and trace elements for its normal operation.

The influence of "Duphaston" on the menstrual cycle

"Duphaston" - the hormone progesterone synthesizedin the laboratory. This drug is similar to the natural hormone progesterone, which is produced in the body and is responsible for the normalization of menstrual flow. Therefore, "Duphaston" is the best solution in the question of how to stop menstruation at home.

The drug is almost harmless to the body, itIt does not have a corticosteroid and steroid effect and does not affect blood clotting. In addition, Duphaston normalizes blood lipid balance and does not affect the functioning of the liver.

The drug provides earlystop menstrual flow, and is not an oral contraceptive. When pathologically flowing menstruation "Duphaston" is prescribed as a prophylactic agent, normalizing the intensity of discharge.

can i stop my period

"Etamzilat" to reduce the intensity of discharge

"Etamzilat" - pills that stop menstruation. Most often, the drug is used to stop bleeding and reduce the intensity of menstrual flow. For bleeding, the drug is injected into the body through an injection, and for the pathological flow of menstruation, tablets are prescribed.

Etamzilat strengthens the vascular walls,stimulates the production of platelets, so that the intensity of the monthly normalized. Contraindications to receive "Etamzilat" is the reception of anticoagulants and thrombosis. Therefore, only the attending physician can answer the question of how to quickly stop the period.

Among domestic drugs can be distinguished "Ditsinon." It is completely similar in composition and effects on the body, but it is much cheaper.

Folk remedies for stopping monthly

Women of all ages trust popular recipesmore than doctors and pharmacy drugs. Especially if the question arises about how to stop menstruation at home. Among the most popular homemade products used to stop menstruation are:

  • Broth of nettle - stopping of monthly ones occursdue to the nettle's property to increase blood coagulability. For broth it is necessary to pour a tablespoon of raw material with a glass of boiling water and drink 2-3 glasses a day. With a tendency to thrombosis and increased coagulability of the blood, this method is contraindicated to decide whether it is possible to stop the menstruation.
  • Raspberries, mint and parsley are also used forstop menstruation. The broth is prepared in the same way as when using nettle. Dried leaves or grass are poured with boiling water and infused for several hours. For the result, you need to drink 2-3 glasses per day.
  • Water pepper - the broth is prepared from 5 tbsp. l. raw materials and 0.5 liters of water, the mixture boiled for five minutes and infused for 3-4 hours. To drink broth of water pepper it is necessary 2-3 times a day on 100-150 ml.

vikasol stops monthly

All of these tools look harmless, however theycan cause serious damage to health, especially if the dosage is not observed. It is very important to use any decoctions only after consulting a doctor. Otherwise, it is possible to provoke the development of chronic and acute diseases of the reproductive system.

How to normalize the menstrual cycle

If you have a question about how to stopmonthly if they have already begun, it is better to address to the gynecologist. In order for each menstruation to flow normally and not cause severe discomfort, it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat fully.

Admission to the body of sufficient quantitymicroelements and vitamins ensures its normal functioning. Therefore it is important to consume lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat, fish and avoid harmful foods and fast food.

pills stopping monthly

Moderate physical activity also affectsfeatures of the flow of menstruation. Every day you need to do gymnastics, exercise, fitness, run and dance. Do not bring the body to exhaustion. It is enough to alternate during the day the sedentary work with physical exertion.

Knowing how to stop menstruation, if they have already begun, you can influence the menstrual cycle, normalizing it and reducing the intensity of discharge.