Swamp saber, tincture and ointment from all diseases


Sabelnik swamp - branched, lying,rooting plant. The leaves consist of 5-7 lanceolate leaves, similar to strawberry. The lower ones have a blue color and are densely pubescent, the upper ones are dark green and glabrous. DecoP (also called this plant) grows up to a meter in height. Another name for the saber is grass-fire, because of the purple color of the flower's cup. The saber grows in swampy places, on the shores of lakes, in mountainous areas where there is a lot of moisture.


Scientists believe that the name of his sabelnikreceived from the eighteenth-century healers, who believed that this herb could "cut off any saber" as any disease. And the plant itself was used, as a medicinal plant, much earlier. In Lapland, the saber was generally considered a sacred plant, from which amulets were made, reminiscent of braided plaits. In China, everywhere used sabelnik, tincture of which is used in official medicine. In the old days, Russian doctors used deco to treat the most terrible diseases: plague, cholera, leprosy.

Healing properties

Sabelnik swamp is softbiostimulant, so people have long been adding grass to tea for replenishment. Leaves and stems contain many microelements and vitamin C. In the rhizomes - flavonoids, essential oil, carotene, tannins. Sabelnik promotes the renewal of sick cells, replacing them with healthy ones.


Swamp saber, the tincture of which is knownas one of the best means for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, treats such diseases as osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, arthrosis, arthritis, polyarthritis. In the course of treatment of these ailments is a lotion or balm. Treatment of such diseases usually takes a long time, and the use of tincture of the saber is not addictive. The most effective are preparations from the root of the plant.

All-Union Cancer Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences is engaged indevelopment of antitumor drugs based on sabelnik. In combination with the broths of this plant, they treat tuberculosis, jaundice, neuralgic pain, hypotension, cholecystitis. The list of diseases that are treated with a sabelnik is striking in its variety: a metabolic disorder, uterine bleeding, bites of rabid dogs. To treat purulent wounds, plant preparations are applied externally.

But, considering how much the swamp saber is exerting a strong influence on the body, its tincture is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating mothers

Recipes of traditional medicine

The tincture of the swamp barman treats practicallyfrom all diseases, it is bred with water (a tablespoon in 50 ml of water) and drink before meals, for 30 minutes. Take courses for 20 days with breaks of three days. Only four such courses.

Sabelnik, whose tincture is also usedexternally, relieves inflammation of the cartilaginous tissue. This tincture is rubbed into the diseased joints, or applied as a compress. In this way the pain is relieved, the normal joint work is restored.

With gastric colic, take a decoction (a tablespoon of grass for a glass of boiling water, two hours to insist in a thermos), a herb of saber by 1/3 cup an hour before meals 3-4 times a day.

For the treatment of joint and muscle pain is knowna miraculous ointment with a saber, which used to be cooked on goose fat. Now it is easier to prepare such an ointment on lanolin cream. To the tube of cream add: tincture of saber (spoon), tincture of red pepper (teaspoon), vitamin E (3 drops), honey (tablespoon). The mixture, after thorough mixing, is stored in the refrigerator and, if necessary, rubbed into sore spots with a light massage. Sabelnik together with pepper makes a "rattling" mixture, which, penetrating deeply into the tissues, well and permanently heats the joint and removes the inflammatory process.

Perhaps, about how healing the tincture of the sabernik is, people's opinions will tell the best.