Fluxostat and alcohol: interaction and compatibility


It is peculiar for a person to take medicamentousfunds for various diseases and ailments. But sometimes the course of treatment falls on any important celebration or feast. Then there is doubt as to whether it is possible to combine alcoholic beverages with a prescribed medication. Today's article will help you understand how Flucostat tablets and alcohol interact. Is it permissible for them to be combined and how does it threaten a person?

flucostat and alcohol

A few words about the drug

"Flucostat" tablets are produced in Russianby Pharmstandard. The active substance of the drug is fluconazole. The drug is designed to treat fungal infections of various locations (skin, genitals, mucous membranes, and so on). In the pharmacy this product can be purchased without medical appointment. Many consumers act this way, because they do not have excess time to visit a doctor. Already in the process of treatment, there may be a question as to whether simultaneous use of Flucostat tablets and alcoholic beverages is permissible. The answer to it today is sought by many users. Let's go into more detail.

Fluxostat and alcohol: compatibility

Customer feedback can carry different information. Some people suggest that you can combine this medicine with alcohol, while others will tell you about the ban. To answer the question correctly, you should start by studying the annotation. What does the instruction tell about "Flukostat" instruction?

The price of the drug is in the range from 200 to250 rubles for one tablet, which contains 150 mg of active ingredient. The manufacturer says that this amount is enough to treat vaginal candidiasis in acute stages. The drug should not be used for hypersensitivity. It is also unacceptable at the same time as "Flucostat" to use some antihistamines and drugs that stimulate intestinal motility. About alcohol does not say anything in the instructions. Many consumers can accept this fact as a permit for combining an antifungal drug and ethanol.

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How do drugs and ethanol interact in the human body?

You already know that the drug is usedFlukostat from thrush. It eliminates the synthesis of sterols inside the fungal cell, preventing the infection from progressing. Within the first hour, the maximum concentration of the active substance in the patient's body is noted. When treating candidiasis, it is strictly forbidden to drink beer and other yeast drinks, as they will contribute to the development of the disease. Also during therapy, you need to give up sweet soda. We can conclude that the tablets "Flukostat" and alcohol in the form of beer, champagne, sparkling wine can not be combined. Otherwise, the effect of treatment may not be the same as it is expected.

What can be said about stronger alcoholbeverages? Is it possible to combine Flukostat and alcohol (dry wine, whiskey, cognac or vodka)? The answer to this question will be unequivocal: it is impossible. The fact is that the antifungal drug has a pronounced hepatotoxic effect. Therefore, it is often prescribed in combination with drugs for liver repair. If you take a pill and drink alcohol, then the reaction of the body can be unpredictable. Ethanol is processed in the liver, but this organ will be diverted to filter the medication. Therefore, the destructive effect of alcohol will unhinderedly hit the nervous, vascular system, the kidneys, the brain.

flucostat from thrush

Consequences of the combination

How to take "Flucostat" depends on thelocalization of fungal disease. The medication can be used from one day to two years. Individual scheme is always chosen by a doctor. During the whole course, one should refrain from drinking alcohol. If you take the medicine with ethanol, you can get the following:

  1. The medicine will be ineffective, and the problem will remain even after the course is over.
  2. There will be an allergic reaction (from hives and itching to swelling and shock).
  3. The liver will suffer.
  4. There will be a headache, insomnia or, on the contrary, drowsiness.

Practice shows that even small dosesalcohol at times reduce the effectiveness of antifungal medication. Therefore, the patient should make the only choice: to take "Flucostat" or to drink alcohol.

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You can hear from many consumers that"Flukostat" is not an antibiotic, to completely abandon the use of alcoholic beverages. Indeed, the drug does not cause, in combination with ethanol, terrible disulfiram-like reactions. The patients say that they drank alcohol several times and took "Flucostat" from the yeast infection, but nothing terrible happened to them. Doctors say that the consequences of such wrong treatment are not always visible immediately. Perhaps they will show themselves much later. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to refrain from alcohol during treatment.

Through how many after alcohol it is possible to takeFluxostat? This question arises in patients who had been on the eve of the celebration and were drinking, and from the next day they are willing to begin treatment. You can take an antifungal agent only when ethanol is completely eliminated from the body. Tablets should be taken on an empty stomach in the morning. If yesterday a lot of alcohol was taken, then surely it will not come out by morning. Start treatment one day after the last drink.

When can I drink after Flucostat? This issue is no less relevant than its predecessor. Doctors recommend waiting at least seven days, since the withdrawal period for this medication is very large.

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To sum up

Today you were able to find out what it says aboutcompatibility of ethanol and the preparation "Flucostat" instruction. The price of the medication is also known to you. Combine treatment with drinking alcohol or not - a personal matter for every patient. Doctors can not prohibit, but they can warn, recommend and tell. Listen to the advice of doctors and do not give in to provocations telling that Flukostat and alcohol are compatible.