How and in what time does the weathering of alcohol from the body occur?


If a person consumes alcohol, drugs, thenhis psyche is changing. All information arriving to it becomes distorted and, accordingly, it emits the same information. Excessive consumption of alcohol-containing drinks can cause a very severe hangover. The fact that alcohol is a diuretic, stimulating the drinker to frequent urination, quickly dehydrating the body. When the brain is dehydrated, it shifts, as if moving away from the skull, which causes severe pain. Headaches during a hangover are also caused by the expansion of the blood vessels of the circulatory system. And although you can calm down the body for a while by drinking a brine, for example, it is time that is the only sure remedy for treating such symptoms. So what are the terms of the weathering of alcohol from the body?

weathering of alcohol from the body

Factors affecting the rate of excretion of alcohol

In fact, the exit of alcohol from the body is a processvery long. This is due to the fact that with the use of vodka, wine, beer is not immediately intoxicated. For some time alcohol is absorbed by the stomach, because of this intoxication is felt only when a significant amount of poison has already absorbed into the body. In what periods will the weathering of alcohol from the body, directly depends on the state of the liver of the drinker. After all, the main load falls on it. In the liver, alcohol is oxidized, the latter as a result of this process becomes acetic acid. Her processing is then handled by other cells. From this explanation it can be seen that it is practically impossible to specify the universal time for the weathering of alcohol from the organism with absolute accuracy. Too much depends on the individual characteristics of the drinker, his state of health. Also, of course, influenced by factors such as the weight and age of a person, how often he drinks, what is the strength of the drink.

time of weathering of alcohol from the body

How long will the body be able to get rid of alcohol?

Nevertheless, you can determine the average speed, swhich is the weathering of alcohol from the body. In many cases, it is in the range between 0.1 to 0.15 ppm in 1 hour. These data are for men. Women are usually more difficult to cope with the consequences of the abuse of alcohol-containing beverages. At them the rate of excretion of such a poisonous substance will be about 0.09-0.1 ppm per hour. This difference is explained by different rates of metabolism. In women, they are less than in the male population. Let us give an example. Suppose a certain person could drink a whole bottle of vodka. It turns out that in this case, alcohol will leave the body in more than twenty hours. As you can see, the rate at which alcohol is weathered from the body is very small. Are there ways to accelerate this process?

the time of weathering of alcohol from the body

How can I help remove alcohol from the blood?

There are special medications. As a rule, they contain a variety of B vitamins, as well as ascorbic acid. There are a lot of folk remedies, known to almost everyone. For example, it is believed that during intoxication you need to eat as much sweet fruit (peaches, bananas, pears, grapes), stand under the shower with cold water. Let's pay attention that there are products which should be avoided during intoxication, as they slow down the weathering of alcohol from the body. This is a variety of fatty foods, especially meat.