"Utrozhestan": side effects. "Utrozhestan": instructions for use, analogues, price


Quite often, women have to usea variety of hormonal drugs. Among them, oral contraceptives and drugs that help to become pregnant can be isolated. In this article we will talk about a drug called "Utrozhestan." Side effects and instructions for using the tool will be described below. You will find out what is the peculiarity of taking this hormonal medication and who needs it. It is also worth mentioning what are the analogues of the drug.

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Composition of the preparation and its form of release

The main active substance of the agent isprogesterone. It is presented in a micro-dosed form. In addition, the capsules contain peanut oil, soy lecithin, glycerol, gelatin and titanium dioxide.

Consumers are presented with two forms of issuing thismedicines: "Utrozhestan 200" and "Utrozhestan 100". They differ from each other only by dosage. This is provided for ease of use.

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Who needs the drug?

This tool should only be prescribed by a specialist. In this case, the individual dose of the drug is always chosen. Most often, the medicine is used in the following cases:

  • for the normalization of the menstrual cycle;
  • with endometriosis;
  • during the growth of functional cysts;
  • to maintain pregnancy;
  • with some diseases of the breast;
  • for the treatment of infertility of hormonal origin;
  • with exacerbation of premenstrual syndrome;
  • as a hormone replacement therapy;
  • for the prevention and treatment of hormonal diseases and so on.

Are there any contraindications for taking pills?

Like many other drugs, the drug"Utrozhestan" 200 and 100 can not be used with increased sensitivity to components. So, if you are allergic to peanut butter or soy, you should choose an alternative treatment.

When still you can not use tablets "Utrozhestan"? The instruction for use shows the following. Capsules are contraindicated for thrombosis of veins and arteries. Also, during exacerbation of phlebitis, do not take this medicine. It is strictly forbidden to use the hormone with incomplete abortion or bleeding from the genitalia of an unknown origin. You can not drink capsules for renal and hepatic insufficiency, in case of detection of malignant formations that have a hormonal dependence.

With extreme caution, it is worth usinga remedy for problems with blood vessels and the heart, during lactation and so on. Before taking it is necessary to consult with a specialist and pass some examinations.

that it is better djufaston or utrozhestan

In what dose and how to use the remedy?

It can be used in different forms and doses of the drug "Utrozhestan". Instructions for use indicate the following schemes for receiving funds.

For oral use

The daily dose of taking the drug is from 200 to 400 milligrams. In this case, the capsules should be washed down with a large amount of liquid (it is better to use plain water).

With a lack of progesterone in the bodyuse 1-2 capsules of 200 milligrams or 2-4 tablets of 100 milligrams per day. Portion is divided into two doses. In this case, the interval between use of the drug should be 12 hours.

If correction of insufficiency is performedluteal phase, pronounced premenstrual syndrome and other pathologies, the drug is prescribed after ovulation. Most often, the following scheme is chosen: a day is taken from 200 to 400 milligrams of progesterone. The course of treatment lasts from the 17th to the 26th day of the menstrual cycle. However, in some cases, another gap may be selected.

For vaginal administration

Reception "Utrozhestana" is often not oral. In this case, the drug is injected deep into the vagina. Most often this method is chosen in the following cases: in preparation for artificial insemination, for hormone replacement therapy, during pregnancy and in case of threat of interruption.

Vaginal administration of the drug is allowed in a dosefrom 200 to 600 milligrams daily. Most often the remedy is used twice a day: morning and evening. When the threat of termination of pregnancy, the drug should be administered at regular intervals. If there is severe bleeding, then it makes sense to replace the drug with an alternative or use additional medications containing progesterone.

The drug "Utrozhestan" application in this casehas the following: Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. The introduction of capsules with dirty hands can lead to infection of the genital tract. After that, open the capsule and take it with two fingers. Squat and inject the medication deep into the vagina. After using the product it is recommended to spend some time in a state of rest.

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How does the medicine work?

After using the drug beginsimmediate absorption of the active substance into the blood. When taken orally, the remedy gives an effect within 3-4 hours. If a vaginal method of administration is used, the capsules begin to function within 1-2 hours.

The tool is actively distributed throughoutorganism and exerts an effect mainly on smooth muscles. So, progesterone helps the endometrium to move from one phase to another. When pregnancy occurs, tablets "Utrozhestan" support the normal production of progesterone and help to relax the genital organ. If there is a threat of abortion, then the drug removes the tone from the uterus and stops bleeding, which is caused by a lack of hormone.

The drug is excreted mainly with urine after 12-16 hours. That's why if you need to maintain the level of progesterone, you need to use the drug at regular intervals.

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The drug "Utrozhestan": side effects

Like any other medicine, this remedycan cause negative reactions of the body. It is worth noting that most often this happens when the drug is used alone without prescribing a doctor. Also, the agent causes an unexpected reaction of the body in case of an overdose or a reduction in the time between meals. The drug "Utrozhestan" side effects can have the following.


If there is an intolerance of anymaking up medicines, it is manifested by a skin rash, itching, reddening of the genitals (with vaginal injection). Nausea and vomiting may also occur. All these symptoms should be treated with appropriate medications. Hormonal same medicine should be replaced by a similar action.

Change in the work of outputting bodies

When administered orally, the drug"Utrozestan" side effects have in the form of frequent and dilute stool. Some patients report constipation and bloating. This can be caused by the effect of the drug on smooth muscles.

In addition, the agent can causediuretic effect on the body. Especially often this occurs when using appropriate drugs. Most often, treatment with such effects is not required, and therapy is not canceled.

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Reaction of the nervous system

A side effect of the drug may be the headpain, weakness and drowsiness. Most often, such symptoms appear even after 1-3 hours after ingestion. Doctors advise in this case to cancel treatment "Utrozhestanom" and choose an alternative drug.

Bleeding from the genital tract

Very rarely, the drug may be accompanied by spotting spotting. It is necessary to report this side effect to your doctor and, if necessary, change the treatment schedule.

The price category of the drug

The cost of the facility depends on whichdosage it is released. You can buy 30 capsules of 100 milligrams for about 400 rubles. If a greater dosage is required, then the price will be corresponding. The average cost of 14 tablets of 200 milligrams is in the range of 500 to 600 rubles.

Drug analogues

Medication "Utrozhestan" when planningpregnancy is often replaced by analogues. This is most often associated with usability and intolerance of some components. Among the similar facilities are the following: Prajisan, Progestogel, Progesteron, Iprozhin and Dufaston. All these drugs can have a different way of use. Some of them are intended only for oral administration, others are administered intravenously or vaginally.

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Many patients ask their doctor:"Which is better," Dufaston "or" Utrozhestan "?" In fact, the effect of these funds is the same. The only difference is that the drug "Duphaston" contains synthetic progesterone, and it can only be used orally.


So, you have learned everything about hormonala drug called "Utrozhestan." Remember that you can use it only after consulting a specialist. Which is better - "Dyufaston" or "Utrozhestan" in your case - it is the doctor who decides. Health to you!