Tansy: medicinal properties of the plant


Along many highways and country roads in Julytansy blooms. The healing properties of this amazing plant have been known for a long time. Tansy has a huge amount of medicinal and simply useful properties and is used not only for healing, but also for domestic needs. For example, Chukchi hunters, with the help of this plant, keep fresh meat, sprinkling the product with chopped tansy flowers or wrapping them in leaves. Special substances that are present in large quantities in tansy, prevent the reproduction of microorganisms, and therefore the meat retains its freshness for a long time.

tansy healing properties

Tansy, whose medicinal properties are recognizedmedicine, is used to treat chronic trophic ulcers. The therapeutic effect is achieved by simply applying powder from the flowers of the plant to the affected part of the skin. Healing substances contained in tansy can cope with even a disease such as tuberculosis of bones, against which modern medicine is usually powerless. To treat this disease, a special ointment is made.

Fresh inflorescences tansy poured hot badgerfat in proportions one to one and insist in a transparent vessel in the sun for two weeks. After some time, the flowers are extracted, and the mixture will turn bright orange. After this, the mixture is carefully filtered and discarded. Ointment is impregnated with bandages that cover the wound for a period of up to three days. After two months of such procedures, the bone is completely cleared and the fistula is closed.

tansy of contraindication

Tansy, the medicinal properties of which are not yet completestudied, also used in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis, frequent diarrhea, headache and many other ailments. In ancient herbalists, descriptions of this medicinal plant and methods of its use in the treatment of various diseases are often found.

Tansy, like dogwood, the properties of which allowclean and have a healing effect on the genitourinary system, starts the process of dissolution of kidney stones, cleanses the ureters and warms the stomach. If you make a compress and attach it to a sick head, then the pain will very quickly subside. When treating a stuffy nose, cold or dizziness, it is recommended to pour a warm decoction of tansy on your head. This plant is a good aid in the treatment of various "female" diseases and causes menstruation.

Tansy, the medicinal properties of which have the widestThe application is also useful in the recycled state. The ash of this plant, mixed with fat and ingested, can heal ulcers and nodules of tumors in the female organs. Tansy is also used to neutralize the effects of intoxication due to the contents of various minerals and vitamins.

dogwood properties

However, when using this plant,be careful. Tansy, contraindications to the use of which are associated with the dosage and characteristics of the body of a sick person, can be poisonous. It is not recommended for use during pregnancy and in some cases of hypertension. Before starting any drug or tincture on the basis of this plant, you should visit a doctor and listen to his recommendations. Otherwise, it may happen that in the hope of improving health you will inflict even greater damage on him.