What to do if pershit in the throat, tortured?


What if the pershit in the throat, tortured? All these are signs of a fairly common disease, like pharyngitis. The reasons for this disease are as follows:

1) inhalation of cold air, especially with a blocked nose;

2) exposure to harmful substances, such as tobacco, alcohol;

3) the effect of infectious agents, such as viruses (adenoviruses, influenza), microorganisms of various species (staphylococcus, streptococcus and so on) and fungi (the genus Candida).

It often happens that the development of pharyngitisbegins after the spread of infection from the inflamed focus to the surrounding tissue in the case if the focus is located close to the pharynx (carious teeth, rhinitis, sinusitis).

Pharyngitis is divided into acute and chronic. Acute begins immediately after exposure to the mucous factor of aggression (gas causing irritation, infectious agents). Immediately pershit in the throat, dry cough appears instantly, pain in the throat increases with swallowing, after three or four days the cough becomes wet, mucous and purulent discharge appear. When viewed through the pharyngoscope, the hyperemia of the mucous membranes of the pharynx is clearly visible. Occur on the mucosa and small ulceration. The course of this disease with timely treatment is favorable.

Provoking factors of development of acutepharyngitis is most often a hypothermia, it also contributes to taking too cold or too hot food. There is also an increase in body temperature to a subfebrile condition (temperature from thirty seven and a half and to thirty eight degrees Celsius).

In chronic pharyngitisthe symptom complex is much less pronounced: the patient has pershit in the throat, the cough is also dry, but there is almost no rise in temperature, intoxication gradually and imperceptibly develops and intensifies. Man gets used to it, gradually losing efficiency. The prognosis is often favorable, but the treatment is quite long and expensive. In addition, there is a high risk of relapse, which means that you need regular check-ups and regular check-ups.

It often happens that acute pharyngitis occurs onbackground of another disease (for example, SARS, scarlet fever, measles, flu and many others). Then, in addition to the fact that the pershit in the throat, coughing, it also adds specific symptoms of the underlying disease. The temperature is always quite high, breathing is difficult, there are signs of intoxication, which gradually build up, and so on. All this creates certain difficulties for diagnosis, because you need to determine if acute pharyngitis is a symptom of another disease or it is an independent disease. Sometimes there is a need to differentiate acute pharyngitis, for example, from acute tonsillitis. Angina or acute tonsillitis is called the inflammatory process, localized on the palatine tonsils, and with acute pharyngitis the area on which the inflammatory process develops is much wider, more diffuse. Symptoms of acute angina (pain in the throat, which increases with swallowing, swollen lymph nodes in the neck, body temperature increase) is supplemented by the fact that the Pershit in the throat, coughing is dry, impassable, painful.

Treatment should be directed at eliminatingfactor that caused pharyngitis. If its cause is a bacterial agent, then it can be destroyed with antibiotics, both for internal administration and for local administration. If it is strongly perspiration in the throat after inhaling irritants or smoke - it is recommended to change work, use PPE, and if this is a reaction to smoking, then quit smoking. Any medication treatment should be prescribed by a doctor and monitored.