Cases in which Dufaston is prescribed for conception


The very nature at the genetic level is laid downthe desire of every living creature to multiply and continue its kind. However, for a person, children are a great joy in life, and not just some kind of physiological need. Any woman sooner or later starts to think that she wants a child. But, unfortunately, not everyone can get pregnant. For a fair sex, infertility or suspicion of it becomes a huge stress, which can only be overcome by the onset of pregnancy. That is why, first of all, it is very important to find a really good doctor who is a competent specialist who loves his work. It is a professional doctor who should help a woman realize her dream of having a baby. An experienced specialist will prescribe the passage of all necessary examinations, analyzes, and then identify the cause of not becoming pregnant and prescribe an effective treatment.

Recently, the problem of conceiving childrenmuch attention is paid. Therefore, many drugs are being developed that can help a woman get the desired pregnancy. For example, Duchaston is often prescribed for conception. This drug is able to make up for progesterone insufficiency, which often causes infertility.

In order to make it more clear, in whichcases are designated "Dufaston", and how it works, you need to consider a little theory. In the body of a woman, a series of hormonal processes occur, as a result of which each menstrual cycle in the ovaries ripens one follicle (in rare cases, two or three). The first part of the cycle, which is from 1 day of menstruation to ovulation, is called estrogenic (or follicular). Its duration for every woman can be completely different. The second phase of the cycle, which is calculated from ovulation until the last day before the onset of menstruation, is called the "phase of the yellow body." Its duration should be 12-16 days. Thus, the absence of pregnancy can be for two reasons:

  1. Ovulation does not occur at all (the reasons can be very diverse).
  2. Ovulation occurs, as a result of which a yellow body appears on the place of the follicle, the phase of which lasts less than 10 days.

In the first case, treatment is necessaryto direct on stimulation of ovulation. In the second case, hormone progesterone preparations are usually prescribed, the most common of which is now "Dufaston".

The drug "DUFASTON" operates according to the sameprinciple, like the female sex hormone progesterone, which is synthesized by the ovaries and provides the second phase of the menstrual cycle. During pregnancy, progesterone maintains its correct course and promotes the onset of labor. "Dufaston" affects the same receptors that are sensitive to progesterone. This explains the effectiveness of the drug "Dyufaston" for conception. It should be noted that other hormones such as prolactin, estrogens, androgens do not exert any influence.

It must be said that if appointed"Dufaston" for conception, the course of treatment should be long enough (usually it is at least 6 cycles). At the onset of pregnancy, the drug continues to drink as maintenance therapy for some time. Often doctors recommend to drink it all the first and second trimester of pregnancy. A woman taking this drug should know that one should not give up sharply. Stop taking it should be gradually, reducing the dose, so that there is no miscarriage.

In general, you should know that under no circumstancescircumstances, one can not independently determine how to take Dufaston to conceive a child. It is necessary to consult a doctor. After the necessary examinations, he will determine for you an individual scheme, how to drink "Dyufaston" to get pregnant. It is very important to adhere to all the advisory advice of the doctor, tk. neglect of them can lead to a number of undesirable complications. So, for example, if you misuse Duphaston incorrectly and irregularly, and ovulation can stop, and there can be a complete hormonal failure in the woman's body, after which you will need to restore it for a long period, while making great efforts.

It is worth recalling that Dufoston is a hormonala drug that can "behave" differently in a woman's body, causing various changes, not all of which can be predicted and prevented. That is why its use must be constantly monitored by your doctor.