Coconut: Useful Properties of a large walnut


A coconut whose useful properties are prettymultifaceted - an amazing and unusual taste of an interesting tropical fruit. Coconut palms grew during the period when dinosaurs lived on Earth, but today they are considered one of the most useful plants on the whole planet. Therefore, the coconut shows its useful properties. Wood and tree roots are used for the production of household utensils and furniture, coconut fiber for applied purposes, as well as for filling mattresses, the building of reliable roofs is made of coconut palm leaves, the inflorescences are converted into sugar.

So, is coconut useful? Yes, it is even full of medicinal qualities. It contains many vitamins B and C, mineral salts, iron, potassium, sodium, calcium, and also fructose, glucose, sucrose. All the elements that are present in the pulp and in coconut milk have wonderful restorative properties - they help with diarrhea, remarkably improve eyesight, are effective in actively fighting cholera. This great mysterious nutlet is an excellent remedy for the treatment of beriberi, urogenital system, strong nervous disorders. It treats impotence, renal stone disease, and increases quantitative volumes of sperm. A coconut oil healthy controls the degree of sugar in the blood, directs the improvement of insulin secretion, which is the prevention of the appearance of diabetes.

Coconuts have a very high quality anduseful vegetable fiber, which makes it easy to digest (when compared with conventional nuts), which is digested with great difficulty. The pulp of coconut is great for vegetarian athletes, that they are looking for a substitute for products of a forbidden animal origin.

Widely used coconut. Useful properties he showed in cosmetology - used in the manufacture of masks and creams, rinses and hair shampoos. Soft coconut milk softly gives the skin elasticity and tenderness, preserves the natural balance of the skin, moisturizes and softens it, protects from harmful environmental influences, still has anti-inflammatory and soft soothing effect.

More than useful coconut? Its oil is used for the body and for the face, because it is able to maintain the elasticity and elasticity of the skin, maintaining balance and natural tone, smoothing it. It also acts as a rejuvenating agent, and excellent protective properties make it possible to safely apply it also for medicinal purposes - for healing wounds and even burns.

Due to the presence in coconut fruits of fattyoils, its use is beneficial to those, first of all, that coconut derivatives help the body without problems to burn excess fats, and thus contribute to rapid weight loss. Coconuts have found their calling in dozens of diets for weight loss.

Many positive substances contain coconut. Useful properties of this exotic fetus help get rid of atherosclerosis, enhance immunity, contribute to the formation of natural intestinal microflora. If you use coconut in various combinations, it allows you to strengthen the tooth and bone tissue.

Has shown a coconut useful properties and in cooking. Here it is often used in fresh form, and also often in dried form (the famous coconut shaving). The latter is usually decorated with various pastry cookies, cakes, used as a flavoring in salads, yogurts and ice cream. Coconut pulp has no cholesterol, so it can be used wonderfully for meat and fish quenching. Amazing properties of coconut pulp - it gives the dishes an unusual piquant taste, absorbs fat and sharp aromas of spices. Small coconut cubes are used for these purposes.

Ingredients that are included in the preparationmargarine, have a coconut oil. It can also be an additive for soups, various sauces and dough. Fruit milk is used in the preparation of a variety of drinks and cocktails.