Motilium for children (suspension)


"Motilium" for children (suspension) is included in the groupantiemetic drugs of central action. The drug is able to block dopamine receptors. The drug "Motilium" for children is a suspension of white color, of a uniform consistency.

The medication is indicated with a complex of dyspeptic symptoms, often accompanied by delayed gastric emptying, esophagitis, reflux (gastroesophageal).

"Motilium" for children (suspension) eliminatesa feeling of overfilling in the epigastric region, bloating, early satiety, tenderness in the upper abdomen. The drug is effective in flatulence, belching, heartburn. "Motilium" for children (suspension) is prescribed to eliminate attacks of nausea, vomiting of organic, functional, infectious nature associated with eating disorders, drug or radiotherapy.

"Motilium" for children. Instructions. Dosage regimen.

The drug is recommended before meals. Otherwise, it is possible to slow the absorption of domperidone (the active component).

Adults and patients over the age of twelve years with a mass of more than 35 kilograms are assigned 10-20 ml. Recommended frequency of reception - 3 or 4 times. The daily dosage should not exceed 80 ml.

Patients under twelve years of age, including those with thoracic,is prescribed from 0.25 to 0.5 ml / kg of body weight. The daily dosage should not be more than 2.4 ml / kg, not more, in total, 80 ml. the recommended frequency of admission is 3-4 times a day.

In the presence of kidney failure with a singledosage adjustment is not required. Repeated administration implies a reduction in the number of doses up to 1 or 2 times, taking into account the disease. In case of prolonged treatment, the patient should be under constant supervision.

"Motilium" suspension. Instructions for use.

Before using the preparation, the vial should be shaken. Packaging provides protection against accidental exposure of children.

The bottle is opened by pressing onPlastic cover from above, turning it counter-clockwise at the same time. After removing the lid, the syringe should be placed inside. The upper ring rises to a level indicating the weight of the child's body. In this case, the lower ring should be held.

After use, the syringe should be rinsed with water.

The use of "Motilium" may cause secondarymanifestations in the form of gastric, intestinal disorders, in rare cases - transient intestinal spasms. Cramps, headache, drowsiness, extrapyramidal syndrome are not excluded. Such reactions develop extremely rarely in adults and children. As a rule, they are eliminated after discontinuation of the drug.

As mental disorders, nervousness, angioedema, anaphylactic reactions, urticaria, rash, itchy skin can occur.

The drug is not prescribed for prolactinomas(prolactin-secreting tumors), gastrointestinal bleeding, perforation or mechanical obstruction, in which additional stimulation of the gastric function may pose a threat to individual intolerance of the components. In addition, Motilium is contraindicated in the simultaneous use of erythromycin, ketoconazole, clarithromycin and other inhibitors of the CYP3A4 isoenzyme.

Data on the use of the drug during pregnancy and lactation is not enough. The expediency of medication in these cases is decided by a specialist.

Overdose shows drowsiness, extrapyramidal reactions, disorientation (especially in children).

The drug has no effect or has an insignificant effect on the ability to concentrate attention and manage transport and work with machinery and equipment.