"Dufaston" with endometriosis - reviews. The effectiveness of "Dyufaston", the price


Recently, women are increasinglyto face various hormonal diseases. One of these ailments is endometriosis. It can affect the external or internal genitals, as well as the intestines, kidneys and lungs. What can I do to get rid of this disease? One of the most popular drugs for the treatment of endometriosis today is Dufaston. We propose to learn more about it.

Duphaston in endometriosis reviews

Endometriosis is a hormonal disease

This ailment is very insidious. He can not give any symptoms for a very long time. However, often endometriosis gives a woman considerable discomfort and knocks out of the usual rhythm of life: disrupts the menstrual cycle, promotes the appearance of pain in the abdominal cavity, mammary glands, worsens the skin and causes infertility.

The disease must be treated immediatelyafter its detection. It is worth noting that it is not so easy to put this diagnosis. Before this woman will have to go through a lot of research and take a lot of tests.

Depending on the stage of the disease, a methodconducting therapy. Endometriosis can be cured surgically or conservatively. Also, complex treatment, including surgery and hormone therapy, is often used. Recently, the drug "Dyufaston" is often used to correct this disease. How effective is this treatment?

dhufaston in the early stages of pregnancy

Duphaston tablets with endometriosis

Reviews of women who have received such treatment in most cases are positive. However, the drug can be taken in different ways. Consider the most popular of them.

Treatment of endometriosis in the planning of pregnancy

If a woman plans to become a mother in the near future, treatment of Dufaston with endometriosis is carried out according to the appropriate scheme. It helps to establish a favorable hormonal background for conception.

To begin with, the doctor determines on which day of the cyclein the fair sex occurs ovulation. It is from this moment and should begin taking pills. With a standard cycle of 28 days, the egg yield and follicle rupture occur on average two weeks after the first day of the last month. This means that it is necessary to take the drug from the third week of the female cycle.

The dosage of the drug is two tablets inday. Take the medicine every 12 hours. Duphaston tablets in early pregnancy with endometriosis do not allow androgens and estrogens to provoke rejection of the fetal egg. In addition, the drug has a positive effect on the contractility of the genital organ.

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Treatment of the disease according to the standard scheme

If the fairer sex does not planpregnancy, then the traditional scheme is chosen, according to which the drug "Dyufaston" is taken in endometriosis. Feedback about this method of correction is positive, since in this case the active substance of the drug suppresses the production of androgens and estrogens. As a result, the endometrial layer is reduced and its proliferation is limited.

Dedications at Dufaston become significantlyless. Disappearing intermenstrual bleeding and prolonged "daub" after menstruation. Also tablets "Dyufaston" in endometriosis reviews deserve positive due to the influence on premenstrual syndrome. So, the active substance of the drug (hormone progesterone) relieves nervous tension and pain before menstruation.

The dosage of the drug is prescribed depending on theWhat stage of the disease is found in a woman. At the onset of disease progression, 1-2 tablets per day are sufficient. In more advanced cases, dosage can be increased to three tablets. Treatment is conducted from the fifth to the twenty-fifth day of the cycle.

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Use of the drug as part of complex therapy

It is worth noting that the effect of "Dufaston" in thisthe case will be more pronounced. However, during treatment there is no possibility to become pregnant. The drug "Dyufaston" with endometriosis reviews in this case deserved the following.

Women note that menstrualcycle, and diminished allocation. Premenstrual syndrome and tenderness of mammary glands also disappeared. In addition, the condition of the facial skin improves: acne, acne and pigmentation spots disappear.

The scheme of taking the drug in this case is as follows:in the first two weeks after the onset of menstruation, the woman takes the prescribed dose of estrogen. Then there is a transition to the drug "Dyufaston". In a day you need to drink two tablets. Duration of intake is two weeks.

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Treatment of endometriosis with Dufaston tablets after surgery

In some cases, a woman needssurgical treatment. It is most often required when pathological cysts have already formed on the ovaries or in the abdominal cavity. After the surgical procedure, a correction is made with the drug "Dyufaston".

Depending on what the wishes of women, any of the above correction schemes can be chosen.

Effectiveness of Duphaston

In the early stages of pregnancy can not be canceledhormonal treatment. This can lead to an interruption in the development of the embryo. How much to drink "Dufaston" in this case, you will only tell the doctor. In most cases, the drug must be taken until the middle of pregnancy. Only the effect of treatment will be maximum.

When choosing a traditional correction scheme, it is necessary to drink the medicine for six months. If necessary, the period of taking the drug can be prolonged by the doctor.

If combined therapy is chosen, then such treatment can be long. Until a woman wishes to give birth to a child, one can be protected in this way.

The effect after surgical treatment shouldmanifest immediately. The drug "Duphaston" will only support the hormonal background in a normal state and will not allow endometriosis to hit the female's genitals again. Hormone therapy in this case is prescribed for a period of six to nine months.

djufastone effect

Cost of medicinal product

Before taking the drug "Dyufaston",instructions, price and duration of treatment should be analyzed in detail. Annotation should be studied in order to know about the composition of the drug, the side-effects and storage method.

Each medicine package is available for the preparation"Dufaston" instruction. The price of one bundle is in the range of 500 to 600 rubles. So much costs 20 tablets. Depending on the region in which the drug is sold, its cost may vary. Also, different prices are set in different pharmacy chains.

Reviews about the drug "Dyufaston" in endometriosis

It is worth noting that the treatment of tablets "Dyufaston" is very effective. The most positive effect can be achieved when planning pregnancy during hormonal correction.

Feedback from the fair sex,suffering from this disease, they say that pregnancy against the background of taking the drug occurs quite often. And this is even despite the fact that before that, women were diagnosed with a terrible diagnosis of infertility. During gestation the child does not have a menstrual cycle and, as a consequence, the endometrium does not grow. The foci of endometriosis during this period undergo the reverse development. They become smaller or even disappear altogether. After giving birth, prolonged breastfeeding is recommended. This is due to the fact that against the background of the production of prolactin (hormone of mother's milk), there is also no menstruation. However, it should be noted that during breastfeeding, you can not use Duphaston tablets, since progesterone has the property of penetrating into the mother's milk or may interfere with its isolation.

Taking the drug in the absence of desiregetting pregnant also has positive feedback. The use of tablets "Dufaston" is one of the most sparing ways to treat this hormonal disease. With its help, women can preserve the usefulness of the reproductive system and the reproductive system as a whole.

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Now you know everything about the treatment of endometriosistablets "DUFASTON". If you find this pathology, you need to start with it as soon as possible to fight it. At the earliest stages of the development of the disease, there is every chance to be cured in a conservative way. In neglected situations, long-term hormonal treatment and, possibly, surgical intervention will be required.

Watch your health carefully and when symptoms appear, consult a doctor for a thorough examination.