Healing plant dandelion. Application in folk medicine


Dandelion is a herbaceous perennialplant. He refers to the family of Compositae. You can meet a dandelion almost everywhere. It grows in gardens and forests, in fields and meadows, near housing and along roads.

dandelion application in folk medicine

As a healing plant is used withlong time ago. He was widely used by healers of various countries. As a medicinal raw material, as a rule, roots, grass and plant leaves are used. They include resin, rubber, bitter glycoside, organic acids, mucus, calcium and potassium salts, sugar, inulin and fatty oil.
Dandelion, the use in folk medicine which is due to its hematopoietic, choleretic and soothing effects on the body, is one of the most valuable spring plants.

From the roasted roots of this herb, you canPrepare a drink that replaces coffee, which is very useful for patients with diabetes. No wonder the old dandelion root in folk medicine was considered a source of cheerfulness. Drink from this part of the plant improves salt and carbohydrate metabolism, normalizing digestion and reducing fatigue.

dandelion flowers in folk medicine

Dandelion, application in folk medicinewhich allows you to get rid of many ailments, is used as a healing agent for inflammatory processes or blockage of the biliary tract. Use of medicinal herbs is recommended for various violations of the digestive tract and intestinal obstruction.

Justifies dandelion application in folkmedicine and as a means of getting rid of cholelithiasis, cirrhosis, hepatitis. The medicinal plant helps with furunculosis, eczema, skin rashes and fluid retention in the body. Often dandelion application in folk medicine is found in rheumatic diseases and gout. Recommended healing herb for enhancing the functioning of the liver and kidneys. They use it for cholecystitis, colitis, gastritis, with flatulence and constipation, in the treatment of jaundice, and as a remedy for worms.

dandelion root in folk medicine

Admission of a medicinal plant contributesproviding a beneficial effect on connective tissue. It is recommended as an antipyretic, expectorant, antispasmodic and laxative. Water infusion, for the manufacture of which leaves and dandelion root are used, is popular in alternative medicine as a drug that enhances the lactation of women in lactating women. At the same time, this remedy improves digestion and helps to stimulate the tone of the body. Dandelion flowers in folk medicine also find their application. Of these, a mixture is made with natural liquid honey. Drug is recommended for getting rid of diseases of blood vessels and heart. The mixture is taken at bedtime and washed down with milk. The dosage is one teaspoon.

The study in the laboratory of such medicinalplants, like a dandelion, no doubt allows us to draw conclusions about its anti-tuberculosis, antiviral, anti-carcinogenic, antidiabetic and anthelmintic actions that it produces on the human body.