Healing properties of ginger


Ginger root is a very common seasoningfor a wide variety of dishes. It is especially popular in Asian cuisine, where a small amount of sweet-scented spicy root is present in almost all dishes. The bright, very pleasant aroma and medicinal properties of ginger are manifested thanks to the content of a large number of essential oils, and a slightly burning taste is formed due to the phenol-like substance gingerol. In addition to essential oils, the ginger root contains unique amino acids - tryptophan, threonine, methionine, phenylanine and many others.

We shall not touch the taste characteristics of the root. Let's talk about its use as a medicinal and preventive agent. The healing properties of ginger are known in folk medicine since ancient times. Apply it as a tincture or a decoction, and also in a dry powder. Homeopathy is treated with infusion of dried root. The spectrum of its use in medicine is very wide.

1. Ginger is an effective anti-inflammatory, healing, soothing and bactericidal agent. It is a wonderful drug for enhancing immunity and strengthening the body.

2. The healing properties of ginger are manifested in its beneficial effect on the digestive system. It promotes better digestion of food, stimulates appetite, improves the work of the stomach and intestines, relieves flatulence. The root is taken for indigestion and diarrhea.

3. In the treatment of acute respiratory infections and flu, ginger is widely used. Healing properties of it as an immunostimulant for these diseases are very good. In addition, it removes inflammation and pain in the throat and lungs, has an expectorant effect.

4. As an anesthetic, the root relieves pain in the stomach and intestines, eliminates renal and biliary colic.

5. Compresses from ginger powder are widely used in the treatment of joint pain and rheumatism, arthritis and arthrosis, as well as to remove swelling in sprains and bruises.

6. Ginger saturated with a large number of useful substances has a general strengthening effect, reduces fatigue and increases efficiency.

7. The medicinal properties of ginger are known as an antioxidant, which removes slag and harmful substances from the body, promoting better cell renewal, accelerated metabolism. These features of the plant are used in weight loss programs.

8. Ginger and its medicinal properties are widely used in cosmetology and aromatherapy. It removes inflammatory processes on the skin, cleans it and smoothes it, relieves furunculosis. Using the root, you can remove toothache, strengthen the gums and get a pleasant smell from the mouth.

As a medicinal preparation, the root of ginger is usedentirely, for example, is applied with a juicy cut to the site of inflammation or localization of pain, is kept in the mouth, chewed slowly, or mixed with water into the gruel as a powder and made with compresses and applications. A mixture of ginger with chili, turmeric (2: 1: 0.5) and a small amount of warm water will relieve the pain in the back and joints. Powder of ginger and turmeric in equal proportions, mixed with water in gruel, will eliminate furuncles and ulcers on the skin. With pain in the stomach and intestinal disorders, the ground root is added to natural yogurt, diluted with a small amount of boiled water.

Like any medical product, ginger has its owncontraindications. It should not be taken with peptic ulcer during the period of exacerbation, pregnancy, breast-feeding, pathological reflux, some acute gastrointestinal diseases, etc.

For general strengthening of the body, preventioncatarrhal diseases, improve immunity brew ginger root in combination with black and green tea and other additives (lemon, mint, currant leaf).