The drug "Medicine with Citril": instruction


One of the most popular drugs prescribedTo children, since the first months of their life, is the medicine "Medicine with citral". More often it is used in the practice by neurologists, but sometimes pediatricians turn to this tool. This drug has a mild sedative effect. The drug reduces the intracranial pressure a little.

For the preparation "Medicine with Citrus" the composition of the instruction is described as follows:

1) The main active substance of the drug -citral. It is found in lemon, eucalyptus, melissa and some other plants. For medicinal purposes, the citral solution is used as an anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antimicrobial (antiseptic) remedy. Also this substance has a mild soothing effect, it can reduce both arterial and intracranial pressure.

2) Magnesia (magnesium sulfate) is a traditional,a time-proven remedy that has an antihypertensive and calming effect, and is also capable of reducing intracranial pressure. Due to such properties of magnesium sulfate is widely used by children's neurologists. In addition to the medicine "Mixtura with citral," it is also included in the preparation "Magne B6" and other medications, and is also used as a twenty-five percent solution. However, magnesia has one more effect, which can not always be useful - laxative.

3) Motherwort and / or valerian infusion (tincture)provide a decrease in the excitability of the nervous system, soothe, reduce blood pressure, reduce spasms, and also increase the influence of other components of the medicine. Since the pharmaceutical effect of both these plants is almost the same, only one of them is usually added.

4) Diphenhydramine, and not its mainthe property is antiallergic, and the secondary is sedative, sedative. In the medicine "Medicine with citral," the dose of diphenhydramine is much less than in antihistamines.

5) Sodium bromide can enhance the processinhibition in the human nervous system. It, in fact, establishes an equilibrium between the process of inhibition and the process of excitation in cases of increased excitability.

6) Glucose. As a rule, it is added in order to improve the taste.

7) Distilled water is used to dissolve other substances (sodium bromide and diphenhydramine is not always part of the mixture).

Dosage and method of application of the drug "Mixturawith citral "instruction for its use describes as follows. As a rule, prescribe medication to children, depending on their age - from half a teaspoon to one tablespoon twice or thrice a day. The course of therapy lasts from a couple of weeks and up to one month, and it can be longer. Sometimes the doctor (if necessary) prescribes the repetition of these courses several times a year.

Side effects of the drug "Medicine with Citrulium" instruction for its use lists such:

1) A variety of allergic manifestations, more often expressed in skin rashes.

2) Liquid stool - most often the cause of this is the effect of a component such as magnesia.

3) Drowsiness and lethargy.

4) Bromism, which is caused by a member of thesodium bromide and is expressed by cough, rhinitis, lethargy, conjunctivitis, rash. In the case of the development of this symptomatology with the use of the drug "Medicine with Citrulum" the instruction for use recommends its cancellation.

The composition of the medicine varies under the influence of manyfor example, the age of the child, the symptoms of the disease, the presence of allergies in the patient, the preferences of the treating physician, the availability of individual components in the pharmacy.

The drug "Mixtura with Citral" instruction for its use notes certain shortcomings:

1) First, this drug does not exist in a standard form. It is specially prepared in accordance with the prescription in the prescription department of the pharmacy.

2) Secondly, the shelf life of the product, if stored in a refrigerator, does not exceed ten days. About the drug "Medicine with citral" reviews on the network are mostly positive.