"Cycloferon" and alcohol: compatibility. Cycloferon: instructions for use


During the use of various drugs inpatients often wonder whether it is possible to combine them with alcoholic beverages. Especially often, consumers are interested in this, whose treatment is long. In today's article we will talk about the drug "Tsikloferon." Instructions for use, the price of the drug will be presented to your attention further. You will find out whether it is permissible to combine such a remedy with alcoholic beverages, and what can happen in this case.

tsikloferon and alcohol

Description of the preparation: active substance, form of production and retail value

The active substance of the drug "Cycloferon"is acidonacetic acid. The drug has a pronounced antiviral and immunomodulatory effect on the body. The medicine "Cycloferon" is recognized as a low-molecular inducer of interferon. It is known that in addition to its main tasks, the drug also has antitumor and anti-inflammatory activity.

The medicine is produced in different forms.In the pharmacy you can purchase them without prescribing a doctor. Tablets are in great demand. In second place is the popularity of liniment. Statistics show that they are less likely to purchase "Cycloferon" (injections). Instruction for use provides for the use of this type of medicine as prescribed by the doctor. Cost "Cycloferon" is relatively inexpensive. You can buy 10 tablets at a price not more than 200 rubles. Ampoules for internal administration will cost 350 rubles. Liniment costs about 150 rubles.

cycloferon and alcohol compatibility

"Cycloferon" and alcohol: compatibility. What the instruction says

Is it possible to simultaneously take "Cycloferon" andalcohol? The course of treatment with this drug may be short or prolonged. In the second case, consumers often wonder about the compatibility of the drug "Cycloferon" and alcoholic beverages. To answer it as correctly as possible, it is necessary to refer to the instruction.

The annotation describes the contraindications touse of the drug: hypersensitivity, pregnancy and childhood. It is also indicated that the immunomodulator is not used for hepatitis (cirrhosis of the liver) and acute renal failure. Proceeding from this, we can conclude: the drug "Cycloferon" adversely affects the liver and kidneys. Toxic effect on these organs is and ethanol. If you combine "Cycloferon" and alcohol products, then it will only increase. So can you combine these substances? Definitely, no!

Indications for the use of the drug and the intake of alcoholic beverages

Is it possible to use both "Cycloferon" andAlcohol in the treatment of those diseases for which this medication is prescribed? We'll figure it out. Indications for the use of an immunomodulator are the following pathologies:

  • influenza and ARVI;
  • immunodeficiency;
  • frequent recurrent diseases of the lower parts of the respiratory system;
  • herpetic infection.

As is known, in the acute course of the describeddiseases there is intoxication in the body. Often this is manifested by fever, nausea, abdominal pain and other symptoms. The agent "Tsikloferon" can only aggravate these conditions. In addition, ethanol is able to destroy interferon inducers, which will lead to ineffectiveness of the drug. So, there are several reasons for not drinking alcohol during treatment:

  1. The medicine "Cycloferon" will be ineffective (in vain are the means and forces spent).
  2. A high probability of recurrence of the disease, which will further reduce immunity.
  3. Negative effects on the liver.
  4. The probability of adverse reactions increases.

cycloferon user's manual price

Cycloferon: instructions for use

The price of the drug you already know, now you should know about the method of its use. In what dose and how is medication prescribed? It all depends on the nature of your disease.

With the standard treatment of viral infectionsthe drug is used once a day. Admission is carried out in the first, second, fourth, sixth and eighth days for 4 tablets. Prevention requires the use of the drug for a longer time: up to 4 weeks. If you still doubt whether it is possible to take "Cycloferon" together and alcohol together, then read the result of this combination.

injections tsikloferon and alcohol

Consequences of taking alcohol with immunomodulator

You already know that it is not recommendeduse together the drug "Cycloferon" and alcohol. Compatibility they have almost zero. One substance strengthens the toxic effect of the other, eliminating all its beneficial effects. In patients undergoing treatment and simultaneously drinking, there are side reactions. Among them are the following:

  • acute renal and hepatic insufficiency;
  • allergies in the form of skin rash and itching, swelling;
  • headaches, nausea, indigestion;
  • immunodeficiency and disease progression;
  • pronounced hangover syndrome.

Cycloferon medicine

Consumers boldly consume alcohol during treatment

There are lucky ones who, without anyThe consequences were injections ("Tsikloferon") and alcohol. From the words of such patients it is known: alcoholic beverages were not reflected negatively on health, the drug did not strengthen the hangover syndrome, nothing bad happened. What do doctors say about this?

Physicians assert that the expressed symptomspoisoning or direct negative action may not be. In this case, the drug adversely affects the work of all systems, being a time bomb. Probably, now you have not felt anything, but in the future all the charms of such a combination will manifest themselves in full force.

What can patients do if a feast occurs during therapy? There are two variants of the events that will not lead to a negative reaction.

  1. It is known that the medicine is excreted from the body inwithin 24 hours. Based on this, you can skip the medication and use alcohol. The next dose of the drug can be taken only after the complete removal of ethanol, which (depending on the amount consumed) occurs in 6-48 hours.
  2. Refuse from alcohol in favor of non-alcoholicdrinks, continue treatment according to the established scheme. Agree, your own health is more important than a festive event. Especially now there are a lot of different soft drinks.

cycloferon injection instructions


From the article, you were able to find out whetherCombine the medicine "Cycloferon" with alcoholic beverages. Medication is not an antibiotic, which, in combination with ethanol, causes disulfiram-like reactions. But still there are negative consequences from such use. Think several times before taking alcohol with medication. Good luck!