"Miramistin" for stomatitis: instructions for use, reviews


What are the recommendations for the use of "Miramistin"Do stomatitis in adults and children give specialists? This remedy is safe, so it is advised in the event of unpleasant symptoms. This medicine for the treatment of stomatitis and its prevention has proved itself well. Special recommendations and enthusiastic parents' comments about Miramistine with stomatitis in children: a remedy without taste and smell, does not cause rejection in the child, the spectrum of action is wide, there are no contraindications.

miramistin with stomatitis

Causes of stomatitis

If you omit the rare causesstomatitis-radiation infection, serious chronic diseases, which are accompanied by inflammation of the mouth, oncology and severe viral infections (HIV and hepatitis), the causes of the disease still a lot. The connection between stomatitis and the use of drugs should be taken out of the brackets. Temporary relief after the application of "Miramistine" with stomatitis, in this case, will bring, but this treatment of the symptom.

What are the reasons that most people face every day or yearly? It:

  • Avitaminosis.
  • Eating habits.
  • Smoking.
  • Improper hygiene of the teeth and the entire oral cavity.

Older people and babies under 3 years are the main risk groups.


Stomatitis is not in the first place among the reasons,associated with a potential health threat, according to which a bad habit should be left. It is necessary to pay closer attention: if stomatitis is a frequent phenomenon in life, it is not enough to treat this symptom. There is a high probability that this problem is an alarming symptom of another disease.

miramistin instructions for use of stomatitis

Eating habits

In this context - the habit of usingproducts that can damage and / or irritate the oral cavity. Depending on the human body, for example, it can be a sour apple, after which you must thoroughly rinse your mouth, drink plenty. From the common for all people threats of stomatitis associated with malnutrition, there are three:

  1. Exotic cause of stomatitis -unusual food. It is not necessarily a fruit or an insect in a food journey to a distant country, but any food experiments with unfamiliar food. (Incidentally, therefore, "Miramistin" with stomatitis during the vacation will be salvation, be sure to put it in a suitcase).
  2. Even the use of not the most acute or sour dish in the menu, but cooked in an unusual way, or just too hot - and inflammation in the mouth will not keep you waiting.
  3. Food that has not been treated sufficiently is the source of many diseases, including stomatitis.


This cause of stomatitis is seasonal,it is associated with the spring-autumn exacerbation of chronic diseases, inflammatory processes in the whole body and in the mouth. To prevent disease, it is recommended to strengthen immunity. The use of "Miramistine" in the period of seasonal exacerbations as a prophylaxis is indicated. It should be once a day after brushing teeth rinsed mouth solution, use a bottle with a spray to spray "Miramistine" on the mucous membrane.

treatment of myramistin stomatitis
Improper hygiene of the oral cavity

If avitaminosis is a seasonal problem (most often),the importance of timely conduct of hygienic procedures - off-season. An excessively relaxed attitude towards one's teeth and the health of the food tract, which starts in the mouth, leads to unpleasant consequences.

Even more rigorous is to treat the rightcleaning teeth, if there is a process of healing, healing after tooth extraction, there is a need to use braces or dentures. As with vitamin deficiency, the prophylactic use of Miramistin is extremely effective.

In addition to rinsing after cleaning teeth, removable dentures can be left overnight in a solution of "Miramistin", and before use, rinse with water.

Ulcers (aphthae) and mucositis

Most often, attention to the problem attracts pain,this stomatitis is extremely unpleasant. Pain from the ulcers (aft) that it causes, itching, but more often - very acute with an accidental touch at the time of eating. Sores of small diameter, covered with a whitish-gray or yellowish film, are localized and on the gums, and under the tongue, and on the cheeks - one or more.

miramistin with stomatitis in adults
The second scenario of the development of the disease is reddening of the oral mucosa against the background of general weakness and fever.

Treatment of stomatitis

According to the instructions for the use of Miramistin,Stomatitis should be treated with rinsing the mouth with a solution of the drug. What should I pay attention to? What can I do to make the treatment of stomatitis "Miramistin" as effective as possible?

Here are some recommendations:

  1. Before rinsing, you need to brush your teeth.
  2. To less damage to the mucosa in the periodtreatment, it is worth going to the most sparing food - warm, liquid or wiped. And it is better to focus on the appetite, which often decreases during the disease, but do not worry and force feed the child, try to eat against the will.
  3. Eat more fluid so that saliva can actively stand out.
  4. When treating stomatitis in children, "Miramistin" should be mixed with water - one part. Rinse must be carried out under the control of the parents.
  5. With stomatitis in adults, Miramistin with water is not required to mix.
  6. Rinse the oral cavity 2-3 times a day for a week. Relief occurs on the average on the second or fourth day of application of "Miramistin" in stomatitis.
  7. The time that is necessary for effective rinsing is 2-3 minutes.
  8. For the treatment of infants, the drug should be used taking into account the recommendations given below.

miramistin with stomatitis in children

Candidiasis stomatitis

Candidiasis is made in a separatesubheading because it often occurs in newborns. In children, the treatment of stomatitis with "Miramistin" in the form of a spray causes difficulties. A small child can swallow it, because he does not know how to rinse his mouth. It is more effective to treat affected areas and the entire mouth, folded in several layers, or wrapped around the index finger, with a piece of sterile bandage moistened with a medicine.

If there is an opportunity to organize such a feeding,so that you can carry out treatment after it - it's wonderful. But often the baby falls asleep on the chest, in which case it should be satisfied with the treatment performed before the feeding.

It should be noted that the main measures for treatmentshould be necessarily combined with strengthening the immunity of the baby. A long sleep in the open air, careful airing of the room for sleep and leisure, bathing-tempering, proper nutrition of the nursing mother, increase the effectiveness of therapy. "Miramistin" is appointed by the attending physician.

miramistin with stomatitis in children reviews

Aged people

Candidiasis and traumatic stomatitis often disturb the elderly. With age, the healing processes are slower, and the overall immunity decreases, all this increases the risk of the disease.

If there are symptoms of stomatitis, hygieneoral cavity is done incorrectly. Without optimization of the process of cleaning the teeth and, if there are, prostheses, a high probability of recurrence of stomatitis, even with timely and effective treatment.

If an elderly man or woman wears artificial limbs,perhaps, it is the discomfort when wearing that causes inflammation. Removable dentures for prevention of stomatitis are advised at night (and during treatment, as often as possible) to take off, put in a solution of "Miramistin."

Preventive measures with the use of "Miramistin"against stomatitis do not cause difficulties, but they are safe and effective. This is confirmed by the feedback of those who used this tool. However, some note that Miramistin does not cope with the declared action, but it is suitable for prevention. It is worth the drug is inexpensive.