The drug "Chymotrypsin". Instructions for use


"Chymotrypsin" refers to the categoryproteolytic enzymes. When used locally, the pharmacological effect is manifested in the cleavage of necrotic (necrotic) tissues and fibrinous formations (blood clots, thrombi). The drug promotes the dilution of viscous secrets, exudates. The "Chymotrypsin" agent (the instruction for use indicates this) is a powder or shiny white flakes. Dilute with water or sodium chloride (isotonic solution).

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Medication "Chimotrypsin" (instruction onapplication contains such information) is obtained from the pancreas of cattle. The active substance in the gland juice is present in an inactive form in the form of chymotrypsinogen. Under the influence of trypsin, its activation occurs. As a result, several forms are formed: chymotrypsins a, b, s, g, p. All of them are close in their enzymatic properties, but differ in their activity. As a medicine, a-chymotrypsin is of practical importance today. This compound, like trypsin, hydrolyses peptones and proteins. As a result, relatively low molecular weight peptides are formed.


Medication "Chymotrypsin" instructions for userecommends with thrombophlebitis (inflammatory processes in the venous walls and occlusion of blood vessels), osteomyelitis, sinusitis. The indications include otitis, iritis, tracheitis. The drug is prescribed for patients with inflammatory-dystrophic forms of periodontitis, iridocyclitis, bronchitis.

chymotrypsin instructions for use

Medication "Chymotrypsin". Instructions for use. Price

The drug is administered intramuscularly. Dosage to adults - daily to 0.0025 g once. Immediately prior to injection, chymotrypsin crystal in an amount of 0.005 g is dissolved in 1-2 milliliters of sodium chloride (isotonic solution) or novocaine (0.5-2% concentration). The introduction is carried out deep into the gluteus muscle in the upper outer quadrant. For one course, 6-15 injections are calculated. The cost of the medicine is within 500 rubles.


"Chymotrypsin" remedyprohibits the appointment of decaying tumors of malignant nature, bleeding wounds. Contraindications include hypersensitivity. The agent is not intended for intravenous administration. The doctor prescribes the expediency of prescribing a medication to pregnant or nursing patients.

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Side effects of the drug "Chymotrypsin". Patient feedback. Storage Rules

After the introduction of the muscle, some patients complainfor burning and allergic skin reactions at the injection site. In some cases, patients consulted doctors in connection with the development of bleeding from the healing (granulating sites). In general, people who have undergone therapy note that the drug is well tolerated. In practice, there are no cases of overdose. Experts recommend to consult the doctor before use. Store the product should be at a temperature of not more than 10 degrees, in a dark place.